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Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, is arguably one of the most used messaging apps of all time and is constantly being updated with new features to make it more facilitating and more secure as it receives constant scamming and hacking attacks.

Recently, the company added stickers to make your chats interesting, added picture-in-picture (PIP) mode, and more. Now, the messaging platform is reportedly receiving a feature soon that will help you enjoy distraction-free holidays.

WABetaInfo, the Twitter handle that keeps a track of changes in WhatsApp beta versions has discovered a new feature called “Vacation Mode” in the latest beta build. Besides the vacation mode, the company is also reportedly rolling out ‘Silent Mode’, another feature for your disturbance-free routine wherever you are.

What do these new features do?

WhatsApp vacation mode feature. Image: WABetaInfo

Vacation Mode

It will let you mute chats and archive them automatically when a message arrives. Currently, when you archive a chat and if a new message is received in the chat, WhatsApp automatically un-archives. However, when you turn on the Vacation Mode, conversations won’t get un-archived even if you had previously muted them.

The whole idea is to get away from all Whatsapp message chaos once in a while and relax on your own.

Silent Mode

will prevent the app icon badge from displaying notification and content from muted chats. What this means is that a lot of launchers on Android show you the number of unread received messages on the app icon, which also include the number of messages for a muted chat. However, with Silent Mode, the app icons will no longer show you the unread messages on a muted chat.

Linked Account

Lastly, the company is working on a feature that will integrate your account with other apps from the company like Instagram and Facebook.

This feature seems to be developed mainly for WhatsApp Business, however, according to the report, there have been some references for the feature in the main WhatsApp app as well.

So basically all of the new features are designed on a similar pattern; the user’s privacy and more control over what and when the user wants to see.

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