Whatsapp fake invite for video call

Ministry of Information and Telecommunications has issued a Web User Advisory, in response to the Invite Scam revolving around Whatsapp new video calling feature.

The scam involves malicious messages inviting the users to activate video calling feature of Whatsapp. The invitation leads them to a spoofed website which carries a malicious code. The exposure to such code could result in the submission of personal and call data which can be exploited and invariably harm the user. The purpose of Web User Advisory is to inform the general public about the ongoing scam, so they won’t fall prey to cyber crime.

Whatsapp fake invite for video call
Fake whatsapp invite to activate video calling

The fake invite takes the user to seemingly official website to activate video calling and at the end asks them to invite their friends thus, further spreading the hack. For all those who have received this message should, in no case open this link. This scam has been observed locally and internationally and has also been highlighted by the media. Many global hacking forums have also reported the fraud. Spokesman of Ministry of Information and Telecommunications said:

“Keeping in mind the popularity of Whatsapp with the messaging users, it is important that the Pakistani users are aware of this scam so that they can take immediate measures to limit exposure to its data protection consequences”

The real Whatsapp video calling feature requires no activation or any such process, and it can be used by just upgrading the application to its latest version. And if you have fallen victim to the scam then you can remove the vulnerability resetting the application or reinstall it after a complete uninstall process.

The scope of this scam is yet unknown, but it is imperative to keep away from any such activity as it can cause severe damage to you and others.


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