“The ones who follow the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd”, Albert Einstein.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), one of the leading educational institutes in the region, launched the Lifetime learning @LUMS (LLL) program  last year.

Lifetime learning LUMS music

The program offers exciting academic and interest-based short-courses for people from all walks of life.

It is open to anyone over the age of 15 and offers a great opportunity for enhancing your life and career

Garnering overwhelming success in its previous sessions, the registrations for session 4 starting in January are now open.

lifetime learning LUMS class

Here are 8 reasons why Lifetime Learning @LUMS is the best place to celebrate your passion

World-class institution

To study in a world-class’ university is a dream for many. Through some of the distinctive programs, LUMS allows you to fulfill this obsession.

Amazing Campus

In Pakistan there are few universities which have the privilege of possessing a visually stunning campus with vibrant student life; LUMS is one of them. Designed by Pakistan’s iconic architect, late Habib Fida Ali. LUMS provides green spaces and stunning infrastructure to its students, faculty and visitors.

Experience Top Industry professional teaching

The LLL faculty includes leading industry professionals such as Bilal Sami in Filmmaking, Nighat Choudry in Kathak, Adeel Hashmi in Creative writing, Saad Khan in Event Management etc.

A wide variety of short courses

lifetime learning LUMS course

At LUMS there are no limits when it comes to learning. A diverse range of courses are offered such as Arts, Astronomy, Languages, Professional Development, Photography, Baking, Music, and Dance; spread over four to six weeks. So, you just name it and you’ll have it!

The Graduation ceremony

LUMS encourages each alumni’s passion for learning. It celebrates their accomplishments by conducting a fun-filled ceremony in the presence of LUMS top leadership, with live performances and amazing food.

LUMS certification

All over the globe, having a good university name attached to one’s name adds value. LUMS certification after these Courses brings extra value to a student’s profile and further enhances their career options.

Get to meet and network

LUMS encourages its students and faculty to meet people and network. LUMS ensures that students expand their network with high achievers and passionate people from all walks of life.

Get Amazing Discounts

Discount is that one word that catches everybody’s attention! And getting it on something one really cherishes is simply the cherry on top. LUMS facilitates its students by offering some amazing discounts. Such as:

  • 10% Early bird discount. Apply right now to avail!
  • 20% discount to the LUMS community i.e. LUMS students, alumni (including LLL alumni), staff, and faculty
  • 20% discount to the LUMS community members’ family i.e. spouses and children

Then there are group discounts also:

  • 2 participants get 10% discount each
  • 3 participants get 15% discount each
  • If more than 3 participants apply, they get 20% discount each

Registrations are open for Lifetime Learning @LUMS (LLL) Session 4 starting from January. Apply right now to avail the Early Bird discount of 10%. Visit lifetimelearning.lums.edu.pk to book your seats and apply now!