WikiLeaks shows how CIA hacks into iPhone and MacBook

wikileaks Apple products

On Thursday WikiLeaks with freshly leaked documents named “Dark Matter,” left us all flabbergasted, revealing how the CIA hacks Apple’s products. Apparently, the CIA has developed tools to infiltrate Apple’s products by infecting iPhones, MacBooks, etc.

The seven-year-old documents show how CIA looked to find and exploit weaknesses in Apple products. If you’re worried about your current iPhone or MacBook, don’t bother unless you have a phone dating back to the 2009-2013 era.

The hacking tools mentioned in the new leak show that the agency needed physical access to the devices to get information. One tool known as the Sonic Screwdriver was used by CIA to infect MacBooks through a USB or Thunderbolt port.

Triton is also one of the automated implants that can access the files from Mac once it is installed on the drive. Then there is also NightSkies the iPhone 3G that once installed on the phone can track things like browser history, YouTube videos, map files and the meta data for emails.

The documents though not verified yet are pretty old in terms of technological world and given that these bugs are old, it’s not likely any of them will affect any new products.

Apple has responded to these revelations by issuing a statement saying: WikiLeaks Apple products.

“We have preliminarily assessed the Wikileaks disclosures from this morning. Based on our initial analysis, the alleged iPhone vulnerability affected iPhone 3G only and was fixed in 2009 when iPhone 3GS was released. Additionally, our preliminary assessment shows the alleged Mac vulnerabilities were previously fixed in all Macs launched after 2013.”

Earlier this March WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes government secrets provided by anonymous sources, revealed many documents highlighting hacking tools used by the CIA.

The agency can hack into the operating system of a smartphone and can access unencrypted original data. Meaning they can read WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal messages and can also access your devices.

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