Will Apple comply with request to decode Qandeel Blaoch’s iPhone?


The Punjab Police has decided to write a letter to tech giant Apple, to get help in decoding Qandeel Baloch’s iPhone. According to the media reports, the Multan Police, which is investigating the case will send a formal request to the California-based tech firm, to seek its help in decoding Qandeel Baloch’s iPhone.

Although two of her phones have already been unlocked after being brought to Lahore, police believe decoding her iPhone would help in finding more clues about real intent behind her assassination. The 26-year-old social media celebrity, who was popular for posting controversial videos and statements on social networks, was killed by her brother two months ago. Though her brother has confessed the murder, the police are trying to determine other collaborators.

Will Apple Comply with Request?

Apple is known for its strict adherence to individual’s privacy and usually, ignores any such requests that could be termed privacy breach. We have recently seen Apple standing against FBI’s request to decode San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, which led to a serious discussion about individual privacy in tech circles.

According to itsApple’s website: “When we receive information requests, we require that it be accompanied by the appropriate legal documents such as a subpoena or search warrant. We believe in being as transparent as the law allows about what information is requested from us. We carefully review any request to ensure that there’s a valid legal basis for it. And we limit our response to only the data law enforcement is legally entitled to for the specific investigation.”

“Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a “backdoor” in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed any government access to our servers. And we never will.” it added.

Apple has received various requests from state agencies in the past too; however, it reviews the requests carefully and decides the level of cooperation extended. Therefore, it would be difficult to assume that Apple will immediately say “yes” to the Punjab Police’s request.

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