Samsung Note 8 to carry Snapdragon 836 chipsetQualcomm is yet to reveal its latest Snapdragon 836 chipset, but the shocking rumor murmuring around says that Samsung Note 8 will become the first company to feature this powerful invention.

It is trending that every flagship phone coming this year will be carrying the Snapdragon 835 chipset. Previously, upcoming Note 8 was expected to have the same chipset but latest rumors suggest otherwise.

A report out of China (via Phone Radar) claims that the upcoming Note 8 would not be powered by the Snapdragon 835, but rather its updated version; Snapdragon 836. Also, the new chipset might be released in the next month, while Samsung reportedly will launch Note 8 in late August.

If you look back, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 was its pioneer flagship chipset. But afterward, the company advanced in creating a new chipset, Snapdragon 821, which was used by mobile phones like the OnePlus 3T. It is not a matter of expecting anything unique in tech-world from Qualcomm.

It is definite that the new chipset will be containing the modern technology but let’s just live on the assumptions which are now like a particle of sand in an expanded beach of a tech-world until the features are revealed by the company.

The Snapdragon 836 is rumored to be a 64-bit Octa-core chipset running at 2.5GHz, just like Snapdragon 835 while its Adreno 540 GPU will be working at 740MHz. Earlier this year, Qualcomm also announced to introduce its tiniest processor and most powerful Snapdragon 485, ever.

However, the information regarding Snapdragon 836 chipset might be true or not as it has been leaked from distinct unofficial sources. So why not just look forward to the most technologically advanced year to find out the vigorous outbreaks.