You will soon experience London-style car parking system in Lahore

car parking

If you have ever been to London or Paris, you might have witnessed Multi-storey car parks at important places. One big example is the car parking system at London’s Heathrow airport. This kind of parks combines multiple levels on which cars can be parked.

You will soon be able to see this kind of car parking system here in Lahore. According to the details, Chief Traffic Officer Lahore has decided to set up Multi-storey car parking at important places in Lahore.

In the start, a small parking unit, capable of handling 18 cars at once, will be purchased from a multinational firm. This unit will be placed on a ground of five-marlas.

In each and every market, the system will be established on a place of at least four Kanal, with the help of Lahore Government Authority (LDA), district government, and traders. 300 cars could be easily parked on it.

Because of the heavy load of traffic on the roads of the city, the government is planning to remove all the unimportant car parking stands near markets and important places.

In this regard, the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational company briefed CTO Lahore about the multi-level car parking systems. He said that his company offers a 5-storey car parking system for the price of Rs. 90 lac, and it takes very less space.

He also told CTO that his car park can handle a car of up to 2.5 tons, and if the government permits, this system could be created according to the space provided. At one floor, six to eight cars could be park at a time.

We can see that our government is converting Lahore into a modern city, with the resemblance of the cities in Turkey, China, and Europe.

Recently, Dolphin Police Force was introduced in Lahore, which works on the pattern of Turkish Dolphin Police. Similarly, Lahore Metro Bus service also works on the pattern of Turkish Metro bus, and the buses were also imported from Turkey.

On the other hand, a new project, called Orange Line Metro Train is under construction, which is the gift of China for the people of Lahore.

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