Wireless Earbuds relieve you from the mess of wires; Here are top five!

Wireless Earbuds list

Wired earphones are sometimes a complete mess. Sometimes they are just waste of time because you have to untangle the wires before plugging it inside any device. And occasionally, they fail to function normally because their wires are very sensitive and break easily even with a small jolt. The solution to these problems is wireless earbuds.

Wireless earbuds are small and easy to carry. They operate on Bluetooth. There are a lot of wireless earbuds available in the market. But, here we will discuss the popular ones that are offered by the famous brands.

Samsung Gear IconX Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds Samsung

Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones are expected to be released in a few weeks. These headphones are fully wireless and they connect via Bluetooth. The device boasts 4GB of storage for you to keep all your music files and take them wherever you go. There are touch music controls, and a fitness tracker pre-installed in the device. These earphones feature a unique casing that charges the battery of them. The device will come with multiple functions.

Sony MDR-AS600BT Wireless Earbuds

Sony Wireless Earbuds

Sony is one of the most popular brands that delivers rich quality music devices. You might have experienced the awesome sound quality on the wired earphones by this company. Its MDR-AS600BT also gives superior sound experience, and the best thing about this earphone is that it’s a wireless device.

The MDR-AS600BT connects to any NFC or Bluetooth-enabled music player or smartphone and streams the sound very well. There are silicone rubber earbuds featured in it.

The earbuds are water resistant and come in very cool colors. The rechargeable battery offers 8 hours of music playback timing.

Beats Powerbeats 2

Beats Wireless Earbuds

Beats Electronics is a part of Apple that manufactures music devices. Its Powerbeats 2 wireless earbuds are very famous for delivering bombastic sound quality. Powerbeats’ booming super bass is excellent for the people who listen to the rap music.

The device connects via Bluetooth with the range of up to 30 foot. It is powered by a battery that gives the music playback timing of up to six hours. It is a water-resistant gadget that is compatible with the Apple’s iOS-based devices only.

Bose SoundLink

Wireless Earbuds by Bose

Bose is an American music equipment company. Its latest SoundLink headphones operate wirelessly and their headband is very comfortable to be worn. These headphones convey powerful music quality even in the noisy surroundings.

Bose SoundLink come with an application that you can install on your smartphone. The app features a lot of extra functions. These headphones are very light in weight. Once the battery of SoundLink is fully charged, you can experience 15-hour of music playback.

LG Tone Active

LG Wireless Earbuds

LG needs no introduction. Everyone knows that this company is an expert in manufacturing superb devices. The Tone Active is a wireless headphone device by LG. It features the Quad-Layer Speaker Technology to deliver noticeably good sound. The product has also won an award at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

The premium device connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. There is also a microphone featured in it. Its battery can be fully charged in just two hours and can give you 13-hour of fun.

LG Tone Active boasts a vibrator that alerts you when a call or a text message is received on your smartphone.

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