With TCS Hazir SubKuch, goods can be picked from your home

Courier service TCS has launched a new service called Hazir SubKuch.

With this service, you can call directly to the TCS service center and ask them to pick the goods from your home. Hazir SubKuch facilitates those clients who want to have deliveries made speedily.

Customers can use this service to move anything within the city or between cities with just a phone call. Meaning, customers are now able to book couriers by just calling the helpline of TCS instead of visiting a nearby outlet.

Keeping in view the fast paced and modern life, in which no one has time to waste, TCS has launched this incredible service.

The service offers to pick up and delivering gifts, documents, products for distribution, bill payments and food, grocery and boutique items, etc.

More than a personal courier, Hazir SubKuch also allows customers to purchase products from the online shopping store Yayvo.com and have the products delivered directly to their doorstep.

It is an all-inclusive purchase-and-delivery support service currently available in the main cities of Pakistan round the clock. The service is a one-of-a-kind pick-up and delivery service.

A giant step forward in changing the market landscape, TCS Hazir SubKuch is another extension to the TCS Hazir family after the 60-minute pick-up, 60-minute delivery and ‘Time Choice’ add-ons

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