With Whisper O app by Pakistani developers, anyone can become a journalist

Whisper O app by Pakistani developers

Today we will show you a one-of-its-kind app, developed by Karachi-based app developers. The application is called Whisper O.

Whisper O is going to hit the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store very soon. It was introduced in Karachi at the Nest i/o technology incubator, Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA).

The smartphone is the revolution of technology. A few days ago, mobile phones were just an instrument to send or receive calls and text messages. But today, they are used for almost everything. From capturing beautiful selfies to measuring the blood pressure in your body, everything is mobile!

All these smart activities on the mobile phone are powered by the modern applications which are based on iOS and Android. Whisper O is a new addition to the list of smart apps.

How will Whisper O app work?

Whisper O is an a new kind of social network that allows people to share their stories. The app allows its users to record any sound, capture any scene, or shoot a video and share it with the world.

The app is basically created for citizen journalism. Meaning, with this app, anyone can be a journalist! To share a story, you have to record a sound, then add an image with some details about the sound, and then tap the “Whisper” button.

Your shared story will be locked on Google Maps at the place where you share it. Anyone at the same place can view it. It works on geotagging technology. You can also set your story as private if you don’t want anyone to view it.

People will also be able to search the stories from the built-in search bar provided in the app.

The app is coming soon on the smartphones, but if you are getting very excited, you can check the web version, where people have already started sharing the stories. You can also share yours by signing up. For this, click on the icon appearing on the top right corner.

While talking to Samaa Tv, one of the developers of the app said, “Our Whisper O app records the moment that a person shares and locks it at the place where he experienced it.”

“People think most of the applications are developed in other countries, but it’s not true. Most of the applications from other countries are actually developed in Pakistan because the labor here is very cheap,” said another developer.

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