Turkish airline crew helps diliver baby at 42000 feet

An unexpected member joined the Turkish Airlines flight mid-air as 28 weeks pregnant woman delivered a beautiful baby girl while being airborne.

Nafi Diaby boarded the Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Ouagadougou but shortly after take off started to feel contractions. The airline crew after noticing Nafi suffering from pain rushed to assist her and helped deliver the baby at 42,000 feet.

Apart from the crew, several passengers also jumped in to help the new mother with the safe delivery of her baby girl. delivering a baby hard enough as it is in the hospital is quite unimaginable in an airplane but the badass female crew helped Diaby to bring her child into this world thousands of feet in the air.

The mother and the child were taken to the hospital once the flight landed at Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadougou. The two are reported to be fine and doing well.

Turkish airlines baby girl delivery
Nafi Diaby and her baby resting in the Turkish Airlines flight

Turkish Airlines also chimed in on the celebration of the new baby girl named Kadiju as they shared the news on twitter.


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