Law Firm led by women

In Pakistan, law, a noble profession has been branded as a third or fourth option when a student is making his/her career choice. This male dominated profession in Pakistan often scare away many parents into a “log kya kahin gay?” (what would people say) situation.

Ambreen Nawaz Chaudhry left and Aaliya Zareen Abbasi right

In the past few years, women have been excelling in various career paths as they now have more opportunities to stand tall beside men. It is no different for female lawyers as Ambreen Nawaz Chaudhry and Aaliya Zareen Abbasi are the leading ladies who have established their own law firm.

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The duo reveals to The Express Tribune how they were punished for choosing law in spite of obtaining the first division in college. Their teacher asked them to leave the class so they can ponder over the choices they have made for themselves.

The two have been practicing law since 2002 and work in lower and high courts. They have defended many victims of property cases fully knowing how fatally dangerous it is to take up such issues.

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Abbasi and Chaudhary feel strongly about the female empowerment, not just in law but in other professions as well. Speaking about the Pakistan’s legal system, they said that the 18tyh century laws aren’t the actual problem but the passing of new weak ones that do little or no good just like the toothless Cybercrime Law.

These two lawyers bravely showcase that it’s the skill that matters not the gender. By leading and creating a law firm, the duo is breaking the glass ceiling in the most empowering way.


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