Women in Mobile Phone Repair Shops; A test of courage

Mobile Phone Repair Shops

These words are dedicated to all those women who once in their life had to get their mobile phone fixed. If you live in Lahore, the prime location for getting your mobile phone checked is Hafeez Centre, a place where a woman is mostly looked at like an alien from another planet. Here are three familiar scenarios that a woman has to face in Hafeez Centre:

Fierce Staring Competition

Walking into Hafeez Centre for a woman is like going into a haunted house where you can always feel the eyes on you. Especially if one has to go deep into the building to get the mobile phone repaired or buy its accessories.

Mobile Phone Staring Meme for when you try to get it fixed

Listening to All Kinds of Crazy Talk

The never ending conversation with the shopkeeper who doesn’t seem to shut up is something that every woman has to endure in her visit to Hafeez Centre. One of the perks of getting your mobile phone fixed yourself is the free pieces of advice about keeping your tech protected because how can a woman know anything about mobiles.

Mobile Phone Meme for when people wouldn't stop talking

Sudden Increase in Ask Price

Just because you’re a woman, it’s obligatory for everyone to assume that you have no idea about the ongoing rates in the market. Most of the shopkeepers will think that it’s their duty to demand more if not double the price of the service or any accessory.

Mobile Phone repairmen ask for more money from women

It is exhausting to get people to take you seriously as a human being and respond with the same respect as they would a man. Saudia Arab has a mobile repair shop run by women now that helps them to get their mobile phones fixed without any hassle. Such service provides exclusivity to women in the society who cannot get this task done themselves. This is an amazing idea and if introduced in Pakistan can help many women who hesitate to go to places like Hafeez Centre without the company of a man.

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