‘Work from Home’ during Ramazan

The concept of ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) is not a new style of working. However, Covid-19 has forced most of the corporate sector and MNCs to practice WFH, while social distancing continues around the world. According to News-hub’s post, there are numerous benefits of WFH, as it can revitalize our work-life balance. Every professional has faced the dilemma of balancing their time between professional work and personal life and it has never been an easy choice. Regardless, WFH is something that can help us achieve the perfect balance between work and life, especially when we are observing our holy month of ‘Ramazan’.

WFH During Ramazan

The holy month of Ramazan is perhaps the most awaited month by Muslims all over the world. The reason is that all our prayers are multiplied by hundreds of times and we get the opportunity to purify ourselves both in a physical and spiritual way. In this sense, working from home while observing the month of Ramazan is no less than a blessing in disguise.

Professor Paul Roelofsen’s research ‘The impact of office environments on employee performance: The design of the workplace as a strategy for productivity enhancement’ has clarified that an employee’s comfort and surroundings can raise his or her productivity at work. Now, what could be more comfortable for anyone than their homes? Nonetheless, it’s important that you draw a line between your work and leisure time while working from home, especially if when you are fasting.

The following points can help you draw the line:

  • Dedicate a workspace in your home
  • Organize that workspace as your personal office or work desk
  • Dress up, so you feel like your working in your office with complete awareness and dedication
  • Communicate extensively and efficiently to remain in the loop with all your colleagues

In addition, to maintain healthy physical wellbeing, you can do bodyweight exercises as these are simple moves and do not require any type of equipment. In fact, the body-weight exercises are considered the best indoor workouts, just make sure you have access to fresh air while you exercise during your fast. Another easier option is to take long walks while maintaining social distancing of course!

Employee Motivation by Companies

Employers all around the world have realized the importance of employee motivation and comfort to achieve maximum productivity. This is why, one of the industry leaders ‘Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited’ (PTCL), which is also the national company of Pakistan, is implementing creative ways to keep their workforce motivated even as they work from home.

Some of PTCL’s employee motivation practices include:

  • Having frequent video calls during the day to ensure teams stay connected virtually
  • Appreciations to the teams who are at the forefront to support customers to stay connected and work from home
  • Productivity pro-tips sent by e-mails to keep them excited and efficient amid this Ramazan
  • Tips & tricks to master various software such as Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and many more
  • Personal quotes and motivational messages from higher management so no one feels left out

It is definitely enlightening to see big companies like PTCL taking care of their employees during these trying times. It has definitely increased productivity and maintained a connection with each other during COVID-19 that is still a real threat and needs strict measures to be implemented while keeping everyone motivated at home.

Have a blessed Ramazan! Stay home and stay safe!

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