World’s first online Urdu Thesaurus and mobile app launched

Now you can look up the synonyms for Urdu words as the world’s first online Urdu Thesaurus and its free mobile app has been launched.

It’s never been easy to find the synonyms for Urdu words. But now, KITAB, a Pakistani software developing company and publishing house has created an app as well as an online version of Urdu thesaurus.

The service features over forty thousand unique words and phrases, and over twenty thousand sets of synonyms. The company is adding the new words in the database on a daily basis. The developers will soon add the Bilingual dictionaries and specialized terminology from the fields of arts, sciences, law, business, and other disciplines, enabling the app and website to handle complex translation projects.

KITAB also has the plan to add Vocabulary building tools for children. It will give students and educationists, who speak and write in Urdu and translate other languages into Urdu, a simpler and more accessible way to engage with the mother tongue.

Urdu Thesaurus app is currently in its beta version, and the company is finding sponsorships to help it complete the work with adequate resources.

Developers behind the Urdu Thesaurus app

The editorial advisory board of the Urdu Thesaurus comprises of famous Urdu scholars Tehsin Firaqi, Moeen Nizami, Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman, and Mazhar Mahmood Shairani. The Urdu Thesaurus database and mobile app have been developed under the technical guidance of Dr. Awais Athar, who has researched in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

Musharraf Ali Farooqi is the editor of the online Urdu Thesaurus. He is the author, translator of famous novels, stories, and tales. He has translated the famous novels “Dastan-e-Ameer Hamza”, “Tallassam Hoshruba” and the poetry of Afzal Ahmed Syed. He is the chairperson of KITAB publishing house.

The Urdu Thesaurus app allows the users to search and share the data through the email and social networking websites. The interface of the app is very straightforward and easy to use. You get a search bar on the main page of the app and can type any word there to check its synonyms. The app does not require internet connectivity.

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