In a world’s of technology, we see unique innovations every day. Where our daily driving phones are getting bigger with an all screen craze going on, a Japanese company Kyocera has manufactured a phone that it is pitching as the world’s thinnest smartphone.

Besides the size, the weight of the phone is also minimal. It weighs only 47g which makes it one of the lightest devices in its category. Astonishingly, it’s not just a showpiece to hurl around but is rather useful, bearing an LTE connectivity.

The phone is just 5.33mm thick and sports a 2.8-inch monochrome e-paper display which is very efficient in terms of battery consumption so a battery of 380mAh should be more than enough to power up the phone.

World's thinnest smartphone

There is also a debate going on about the KY-O1L being the thinnest phone because the Moto Z 2016 came with a 5.2mm thickness, it had a camera bump which played its fair part in the overall thickness of the phone.

Regardless of the thinnest or not debate, this phone is quite handy and can be useful specifically for those who want to just call and message or read e-books or online news because the phone is stripped off of any other functionalities besides the basics.

The device does not have any app store or marketplace and neither does it have a camera so don’t expect to grab shots with this device. KY-O1L currently costs around $300 and is available in Japan exclusively on the  NTT Docomo carrier.