Mi A1 Android One

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company which is known for offering great smartphones at affordable prices recently went through an embarrassing ordeal when its users revealed that they prefer Android One instead of the company’s very own MIUI.

The company recently started a Twitter poll asking its users whether they prefer the MIUI 9 or Android One. Now, most of the companies run a poll on social media when they are sure that the results would be in their favor but in the case of Xiaomi 57% of the 14,769 voters preferred Android One and MIUI 9 received the remaining 43% of the votes.

Realizing the unsatisfactory response of the poll, Xiaomi has since deleted its poll and all tweets related to the poll but God bless the internet as someone took the screenshot of the whole thing to make its a permanent record for the internet users across the world.

The response can be seen a bit childish from a major player in the global smartphone market. Instead of deleting the poll and acting like it never happened the company had a great opportunity to learn what their users want. They can start with making improvements in their MIUI 9 and come up with more smartphone with stock Android.

Also, it is kind of funny lesson for the other brands to never put up a poll unless they are 100% sure that the results will be in their favor or they’ll have to delete some tweets as well.

Xiaomi introduced its Android One smartphone or MI A1 in September last year and it is company’s first pure Android smartphone which is based on Android One program by Google. It was launched in the Pakistani market in October 2017 and since then the company also introduced the special red edition for the users.

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