Xiaomi is Officially Opening First Physical Store in Pakistan

Xiaomi, the Chinese brand that relies on its online store to sell its handsets and other devices directly to the consumers is finally opening a physical shop in Pakistan.

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The big news was announced on the popular social networking site Facebook, where the company revealed that its first physical store in Faisalabad is the first store among many others that it plans to launch soon in the country.

Xiaomi Pakistan store

The smartphone company that has made its mark on the international level due to its affordable yet quality phones, officially introduced its handsets in Pakistan earlier this year with the release of Mi Max, Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4A.

Till now, the company sold its devices from its own online store and also from Daraz, online e-commerce retailer in Pakistan.

Recently, apart from introducing its various eco products and gadgets, the company also launched Xiaomi Mi 6, the company’s mid-range device in the country to offer a diverse portfolio of handsets.

In Pakistan, the e-commerce channels have started to get recognition but people still rely on brick and mortar stores when it comes to buying a smartphone. Xiaomi took a huge step by opening its physical store, but will it be able to compete with the existing brands in the market, we will see it in the coming future.

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