Xiaomi Inc appreciates PTA’s decision of banning fake Xiaomi in Pakistan


You might be thinking what the issue of fake Xiaomi is? Well, a few days ago, various media outlets reported that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had banned the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, Xiaomi in Pakistan.

The news quickly got the attention of the tech analysts across Pakistan after an e-commerce website, called Xiaomipk.com posted an email from PTA asking them to cease their operations.

After the investigations, media discovered that Xiaomipk.com was a fake internet site. The website said that it was affiliated with the Xiaomi Inc.

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The fake Xiaomi website stated that the PTA was taking a biased decision by forcing Xiaomi to stop its operations in Pakistan.

Now, the original Xiaomi Inc has said that it has no connection with this fake Xiaomi website. It stated that it has an excellent business relationship with the PTA. The company indicated that it would soon start selling its smartphones in Pakistan with the support of PTA.

According to Xiaomi’s Communications Manager, Kaylene Hong, the company is not currently selling its devices in the country and called the reports of such information entirely wrong.

Hong also said that Xiaomi appreciates the PTA’s decision of banning the Xiaomipk.com, which was not the original website of Xiaomi.

The communications manager stated that the illegal website was operating in Pakistan, and it was violating the intellectual property rights of Xiaomi Inc.

People would love to see Xiaomi in Pakistan and they are already very excited and posting positive comments on Twitter and Facebook regarding this company.

It is not for the first time that a fake website was banned in Pakistan. Earlier, an illegal site, namely e2Click was permanently blocked after it was revealed that its owner was involved in an online business fraud of Rs. 1 billion. He was later arrested by the FIA Lahore.

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A lot of illegal websites are working in the country. PTA needs to take a serious action for banning such sites. With the introduction of cybercrime bill, the creators of such websites may face incarceration and the hefty fine.

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