Xiaomi Mi 6 features Gender and Age Detector; Fun or Pointless?

Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi, the Chinese company often called “The Apple of China” because it gives diehard Apple fans a tough time whenever the company launches a new mobile phone as it sells out within a matter of minutes in China.

Xiaomi Mi 6 was recently released in China in April and gathered much appraise due to its intelligent features like the Snapdragon 835, a 12megapixel dual camera, 6GB of RAM, and a 5.5-inch display, where the price was half of that of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Many mobile phones like Xiaomi, Oppo etc. that are primarily manufactured in countries like China primarily feature redundant beauty filters and selfie gimmicks in their cameras.

But the Xiamoi Mi 6 has an overt feature that tries to determine your age and gender, wait, what?

The feature is may be pointless but can bring out a fun side of the phone as well. According to the Verge, the camera was giving multiple distinct responses of the writer’s age as 27, 28, or sometimes even 40, while her actual age was 26.

Previously, Amazon also introduced a detector tool that gives somehow exact numbers of age while Microsoft launched an age-guessing website that faced demise and failed miserably going viral.

The Al age and gender detector is a unique feature ever that even Apple and Samsung has not released yet. It can be worthless but it is individually different and amusing at the same time.

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