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Xiaomi has introduced a new flagship Mi6 that has got people talking about the hefty $800 and above price tags on premium phones. Since the last few years brands like Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are closing in on large smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and HTC.

People in the U.S and Europe now want to have access to Xiaomi’s phones in response to which the Chinese smartphone brand has said that it has no plans of introducing its devices in the West until at least 2019.

Xiaomi’s business plan is a very well defined one, as it focuses on offering great value for money and it has continued the tradition with the Xiaomi Mi6. The phone has all you could expect from a latest 2017 flagship. It houses the latest and fastest processor ever from Qualcomm; the Snapdragon 835 which made its debut with the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera

It has a 6GB RAM and plentiful 128GB internal storage but the highlight of the phone is a dual camera setup! The positioning of these cameras is very similar to the ones in the iPhone 7 Plus but Xiaomi’s 12MP primary and 12MP monochrome sensors have been placed more efficiently inside the body. The cameras have an amazing aperture value of f/1.8 which guarantees great low light photography.

The battery isn’t shabby either with a 3350 mAh cell powering the Xiaomi Mi6. Users were most surprised when Xiaomi revealed that Mi6 is now available for purchase at only $360, almost half of what the Samsung Galaxy S8 costs.

Xiaomi has improved from the design on the Mi5 with a stainless steel body and a four-sided 3D build introducing curved edges at all sides. Mi6 has a fingerprint sensor inside the home button powered by Qualcomm’s sense ID and the phone runs the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat with the MIUI 8 skin atop.

Color options available are Blue, White and Black but there’s also a limited Silver device available along with the premium Ceramic Black version. Xiaomi Mi6 has 5.15 inch full HD display.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Speakers

It’s a great phone from every aspect except one. Although the new Mi6 has stereo speakers, which are more than welcome, it does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Lenovo, Apple, and HTC have all moved to USB-Type C audio and now Xiaomi is also following suit but we haven’t seen any amazing Type-C audio products up til now.

Overall, there is no doubt Mi6 is a great smartphone which sold out in seconds in its first flash sale this week. The phone has shocked everybody with its premium specs housed inside a steel frame device which is just above the mid-range budget bracket.

Image Source: Android Central

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