Xiaomi Mi6 will not include the latest Qualcomm processor

Xiaomi flagship
Image Source: Tech Reversed

After the news of Nokia not including a chip even closest to the latest in its upcoming flagships, Xiaomi is now rumored to have downgraded to a lower chip for now.

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 will now include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the latest one. Although Xiaomi has not confirmed the news, it won’t be a surprise if this news turns out to be true. A host of other smartphone companies has had to forcefully opt for a lower hardware because of the shortage of the latest processor.

This makes the Samsung S8 and S8+ world’s first phones to house the fastest Qualcomm chip ever. It seems Samsung has acquired the latest processor market for the next few months at least since the LG G6 is also releasing with the same Snapdragon 821 processor.

There’s good news for Xiaomi fans though; it is being said that Xiaomi will release another version of the Mi6 after a few months of the original release date, that will include the latest hardware.

Mi6 is Mi5’s successor and is set to be revealed at a dedicated event on April 6. It will come with a 4GB RAM and flat screen whereas the Mi6 Pro will feature a curved screen.

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