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Most people know Xiaomi as a smartphone manufacturer, but actually, the company from China also produces other smart gadgets like lamps, bicycle, smart watches, etc. The latest product from the company is quite a surprising one as this time we are being introduced to Xiaomi Smart Toilet.

How a traditional toilet is converted into a smart one and do we need it? let’s spare minutes to understand the bowl here.

Xiaomi released the first generation of Smart Toilet in March this year and has recently announced the latest version. Again Smart Toilet is not a new thing in the market as you can find plenty of manufacturers offering different kinds of this tech but what sets Xiaomi apart is that the company doesn’t demand your kidney in a bargain; yes it’s not much costly ($122).

Features of smart toilet youth edition


The thermostatic heater can ensure the water temperature is around 35 degrees centigrade to create a sense of comfort.


The nozzle is made of stainless steel and integrates a self-cleaning process. In addition, this toilet can perform sterilization at high temperatures and wash with sterilization rate up to 99.9 percent.

There are 3 modes such as Soft feminine cleaning, shower wash, and hip wash cleaning.

Innovative Design

Xiaomi’s smart toilets adopt a curved 3D design adjusting the hip curve.


It also comes with a reminder alarm when you’ve been sitting on the toilet for over 30 minutes.


Xiaomi also equips it with IPX4 standard lighting and waterproof lights.


They have loaded this throne accessory with sensors that will apparently learn how you sit and from there customize the user experience through optimal water temperature and pressure, also getting the seat at just the right temperature.

Integration with Mi Band

When the toilet seat detects your Mi Band, it will adjust the parameters based on what has been set, and hence customizable for each individual.

Things Xiaomi missed

One of the foremost and necessary elements Xiaomi missed is that Xiaomi Small Smart Toilet Seat is not hands-free like Kohler’s futuristic seat and it takes no voice commands.

Why Smart toilets have a future?

Flushing mechanism

Smart toilets flush without the need to hold button or handle, there are sensors implanted and senses when you stand from the seat or you wave at it to trigger the flush.

The perk of having a sensor instead of a handle is that germs won’t get transferred from hands to the toilet and then to the next person who flushes.

Saves Water

Smart toilets save water. Smart toilets sense how much water is needed and flush using just the right amount. The smaller flushes can use as little as 0.6 gallons per flush (GPF). A basic toilet that doesn’t have smart flush technology uses around 1.6 gallons.

Cape Town recently grabbed global headlines by launching a countdown to “Day Zero”, many countries are at risk of having no water at all in the future, so why not save water in every possible and smart way.


The basic aim of scientific research and all the technology present is to make our life easier and comfortable, we are living the lifestyle not available to the past kings just because of science, so why not toilets?

Technology has always its own course, no one can bar it. If we are reforming our lifestyles every passing year, so why not the utilities in the bathroom and toilet? Our forefathers had no toilets in their homes, we have this luxury so why not enhance it and step in future with complete smartness

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