Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

5G is the next big thing in communication and phone manufacturers are working hard to complete 5G testing for their upcoming phones. Xiaomi is the latest phone manufacturer to announce the success of 5G testing which is apparently done on the upcoming Mi Mix 3.

The news was shared on the company’s Weibo page by its president Lin Bin. The post also shows a picture of a phone which we have seen in recent news. For those who don’t know the phone, its the Mi Mix 3 with an all-screen, manually sliding mechanism.

The same picture has also been shared on Twitter by Xiaomi’s spokesperson Donovan Sung. He captioned the photo as, “Does anyone see anything interesting?” referring to the 5G written along with the carrier signals on phone’s status bar which shows that the phone is fully compatible with the 5G technology.

The image that was earlier shared looked like a render while this is the real-life picture of the Mi Mix 3. Though the image strengthens the speculations about Mi Mix 3 being a slider phone, this image doesn’t show it slid open.

According to the official Xiaomi Phone Weibo account, 5G download speed is ten times faster than 4G download speed. It also confirms that it will officially launch a 5G phone next year. Mi Mix 3 could possibly be the first phone from the Chinese giant to bear a 5G functionality.

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