Yahoo confirms massive data breach affecting 500 million users

Yahoo hack leaks data of users

Yahoo has confirmed on Thursday that its system suffered a major hacking attack in 2014, leading to leaking of vital personal information of half a billion users. The company wants its users to quickly change their passwords if they haven’t since 2014. Yahoo, which will soon be sold to the Verizon says that it is investigating the massive hack.

The hack, which took place two years ago, has leaked the data of 500 million users and the company is now warning its users to not to reply to the emails coming from unknown addresses, which ask users for their personal information. Hackers claim that they were selling the passwords of the users on the dark web.

The data that has been stolen include usernames, email addresses, mobile numbers, dates of birth and passwords. It was one of the largest data breaches in the modern history, and the company has requested authorities for the investigations.

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The hacker, namely “Peace” has claimed that he hacked Yahoo and was selling the user data on the dark Web for the price of over $1,800 only.

On the other hand, Verizon says that it is aware of the data breach and will analyze the situation once the investigation completes. Analysts are claiming that this data breach can break the deal between the Yahoo and Verizon.

Earlier, 270 million email accounts from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft were hacked by a Russian hacker, who was also selling the passwords on the dark web.

In order to protect your accounts from hackers, we recommend you to not to use the same password for all the accounts. You can also use password manager apps, which are available for free on the play stores and can generate strong passwords for you.

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