You should change your Dropbox password immediately!

dropbox password change

The Cloud storage service Dropbox is used all around the world and if you are also a user of this service, then change your password immediately because more than six crore passwords and email addresses associated with this service have been stolen. It’s around two-third of the company’s entire users. Dropbox has officially confirmed that its users are in danger. The company has recommended its users to change their passwords quickly.

According to Dropbox, an unknown data of some seven crore accounts was stolen back in 2012. But at that time, the company was not sure if this information included the passwords as well.

The company started the inquiry after some of its customers complained about receiving spam email messages. During the beginning of the investigations, it was revealed that a large number of passwords and email addresses were stolen from various websites by unknown cyber criminals. The hackers used this data for signing into the Dropbox accounts. Now, you might be thinking how the passwords of Dropbox could have been stolen from other websites?

Four years ago, a Dropbox employee linked his corporate account to his personal account on LinkedIn. At that time, LinkedIn got hacked, and cyber criminals gained access to most of the accounts associated with LinkedIn. As a result, the details of Dropbox employee’s corporate account was also stolen. The hackers then used the employee’s business account to gain access to the personal accounts of Cloud storage users.

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The American file hosting company has warned its users that if they use the same password on all the websites, then they are in danger. Moreover, it has auto changed all the passwords that had remain unaltered since 2012.

Dropbox is the most popular global cloud storage company. It is used in Pakistan by a large number of Internet users. Millions of users store their important files and documents on this service, as it is very easy to use and gives 2GB of storage for free on all the basic accounts.

image: Tech News Today

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