Younis Mobile, leading Pakistani Retailer Expands its Network

Younis Mobile, one the leading retailers and distributors of mobile phones in Pakistan has expanded its vast network by inaugurated its 6th branch in Gulberg, Lahore opposite Hafeez Centre.

The journey of Younis Mobile started 25 years ago with only one shop at Hall road, Lahore and now it has six main branches complimented by a number of franchises that are serving the Pakistanis by bringing forth latest mobile phones in the market.

Younis Mobile Gulberg

Younis Mobile shop
Muzaffar Paracha, CEO Airlink and Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO QMobile attending the opening of Younis Mobile’s 6th Branch

The mobile phone market is now saturated with the introduction of various brands that all want to target more or less the same market but at the same time, the market demand is increasing as people desire to be a part of a connected world.

In such a situation, it is very interesting to see a mobile phone retailer creating a large distribution network that caters to hundreds of Pakistanis.

One of the reasons why this is a healthy trend in the country is that Younis Mobile only sells those devices that are provided by the authentic mobile phone sellers. This in return helps in curbing the disease of grey imports and makes sure that the consumer is getting what the real deal.

Leading mobile phones sellers attended the inauguration of the new branch and celebrated the evolution of the Pakistani mobile phone retailer.

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