YouTube live stream

Going live is getting crazier, and no big social platform is getting behind in offering the Live feature. YouTube has announced to expand the circles for more users around the world to feature themselves live from their mobile phones.

The feature will be available to anyone having 10,000 or more subscribers on the channel. However, YouTube assures to give this power to everyone soon.

Unlike Facebook Live, which the social media company made available to everyone earlier than expected, the largest search engine backed video sharing website looks little cautious. Perhaps it doesn’t want less subscribed creators to spam and choke the network with some unwanted content of the likes of private birthday parties.

Started in 2011 when millions around the world tuned into watch live the Royal Wedding, YouTube extended the feature to mobile phones in June 2016 for few handful of people.

Mobile live streaming on YouTube is as simple as taking a picture with your mobile camera. Just open the YouTube app, tap the big red capture button and here you are, live. These videos can be searched, recommended and included in the playlist just like any other video on the network. Creators can also make them private to avoid unauthorized use.

YouTube Live Chat brings revenue

YouTube live stream

Going live on a smartphone is not fruitless as YouTube offers the content creators to earn some extra money from the commenters who pay to make their comments sticky for 5 hours through Super Chat feature. It’s a new live stream monetization tool just like buying front seats in a theater. It is currently available to the video content creators of 20 countries; however, commenters from 40 countries can take part in it. The company says, other than usual ad earnings, it’s a new way of making money while producing live content.


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