Youtube channel of Pakistan government

The official YouTube channel of Pakistan Government has been suspended due to multiple-third party notifications of copyright infringement.

This issue recently caught fire when Irfan Junejo, a local vlogger called out the government for copying his video without permission. Irfan is known among the YouTubers for his travelogues where the Government of Pakistan used his footage from Naran in its YouTube video without asking him first to promote “Family Friendly Activities in Pakistan.”

Irfan called out the government via Twitter:

Though he is at the front and center of this story, Irfan while talking to Samaa relayed that the Youtube channel of Pakistan government was not suspended because of him as his claim was not even accepted by YouTube. Apparently, a lot of other people also complained upon finding out that their work was stolen and used in the government’s videos.

We all know that the copyright infringement laws in Pakistan though are present but are scarcely brought out to play. It is quite saddening to know that the people who are responsible for drafting legislation would quite boldly trample all over them instead of being responsible and doing the work themselves.

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