YouTube now supports 360-degree live streaming videos, Spatial Audio


Google has announced that its video streaming platform YouTube now supports 360-degree live streaming videos.

Last year in March, the company launched 360-degree video uploading feature, and now it has unveiled the broadcasting service for the same type of videos. The development comes after Google has started focusing on Virtual Reality services.

It was recently revealed that the California-based company is interested in adding many VR features in its upcoming version of Android.

YouTube promises that now its users will experience the live videos like never before. Watching the live videos in 360-degree is like watching them in real life.

The first broadcast that will use 360-degree live streaming will be the performances of select artists on Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California.

YouTube announced in a blog post,

“Virtual reality and 360-degree video can help get you one step closer to actually being at those places and in those moments. Today, we’re taking immersive video even further with 360-degree live streaming on YouTube.”

The company has also unveiled Spatial Audio service for on-demand YouTube videos.

Spatial Audio is a kind of sound that people experience in real life. Meaning, with Spatial Audio, people will not feel like they are listening to a computer-generated audio, it’s like people talking face-to-face, and the sound quality is really clear, like never before.

In the start, Spatial Audio is only available on Android smartphones, and the user has to connect headphone to experience this feature.

In addition to that, the San Bruno-based company has debuted the 60 frames per second 1440 pixel resolution live streaming service. This service is extremely useful for the people who love High-Definition video game streaming.

Youtube has also disclosed its “Application Programming Interface for live streaming. It will help camera makers interested in 360 the skill to use YouTube’s Live Streaming API to deliver 360-degree live streams to the service.

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