Youtube officially launches in Pakistan; Here is what you should know

Youtube, the video hosting online platform that boasts one billion users was officially launched on Wednesday in Pakistan. With its inception, the video giant has enabled monetization & offline viewing of videos on smartphones so users can watch videos at any time.

What is Offline Mode?

Youtube App available on the smartphone now allows users in Pakistan to watch content in offline mode. Users can find the app that they like and then choose the offline viewing option for later viewing. The offline viewing option buffers the video and keeps the cached version available in the app. It means the video does not download on the phone actually, but users can still see the same content again and again, as many times as they want.

Google Representative and Industry Head for Pakistan Khurram Jamali said that this feature would enable more than 6 million youtube users in Pakistan to watch the content offline at any times. “Even if your data package expires, you will be able to view offline content from youtube.”

On the other hand, the offline feature will also enable the giant to bag more viewers and get even more engagement from Pakistan.

YouTube representative briefing at the event
One of YouTube representatives briefing at the event

Youtube Enables Monetization in Pakistan – The partner program:

The video hosting platform also enabled youtube partner program for the users who would like to make videos and earn money through them. The program was previously not available in the country, and vloggers (video bloggers) from Pakistan had to use different mediums to enable their accounts such as proxies or VPN servers. Now, as the system is available locally, they can easily get their Adsense account for youtube verified with a few clicks.

How can this Partner Program help Pakistanis?

There are millions of users of YouTube in Pakistan. Jamali says that every fifth YouTube user here is uploading content on YouTube servers. But due to lack of monetization they were not able to earn anything out of it.

The partner program allows them to get the return on their content.

“Youtube pays millions of dollars to content partners in multiple countries, now as Pakistan is part of it, content developers, like rest of the world, content developers will also be able to earn money from what they create.”

Benefits of becoming a partner:

  • Make money from your videos
  • Get recommendations from youtube representatives to double your income
  • Earn money from home and remain flexible
  • Become an internet celebrity
  • Reach the masses and change their perception

According to sources, there are YouTubers in Pakistan who are making millions just by uploading videos for a particular niche.

youtube launch event in Pakistan
A YouTube representative briefing at the event

Questions you need answers for

How Much CPM for Youtube Videos in Pakistan?

As of now the CPM (Cost per mile) or 1000 impressions of an advertisement give users between 0.1 to 1$. This “earning” is better in developed countries such as Denmark and US where it reaches up to $6, but for Pakistan, it is around $0.6 as of now.

Google representative announced that they were working on raising the bar. “For localized earning, the companies will need to be taken on board that can pay more to the users for viewing advertisements. We have launched now, and we will certainly work on it.”

What will Youtube do if 2011 blasphemy content scenario is repeated?

The Google representatives said that they strictly view user content and try to remove it as soon as they receive complaints. “Users now have the option to flag a video if they find inappropriate.” According to them, the more flags we get for a video, the prompt the action is for it.

Has Youtube done any exclusive agreements with Pakistani Government?

It was also discussed whether Google had made any particular agreement with Pakistan for launching the video site in the country. However, the representative denied it plainly. “We have done no special deal with the Pakistani government.” He explicitly ruled out while saying that no exception has ever made for any country and youtube has the same policy for all countries.

What Youtube will do for offensive content that pops up on the homepage?

The only option available as of now is that users can flag the content, for telling the YouTube about their preferences, so that next time they see the type of content as per their likings.

How can users become youtube partner if their accounts were banned previously?

Many users in Pakistan have been unlucky in earning through Adsense. They have tried multiple times and got their accounts banned in the past. However, Google representative told users to reach Google through “Contact Us” page and fill the form and expect a Google guy to respond. It appears that it will be easier now for the users to get their accounts approved in Pakistan.

When will youtube and Partner program be available in Urdu or other local languages?

“It is not yet known when the service will be available in Pakistan.” the representative stated. However, the team indicated that Google was working on enabling this service in many languages and Urdu was one of them. But for the time being, users will have to activate their accounts in English.

Does Google have Servers and office in Pakistan?

Many users in Pakistan think that Google has established a data center in the country. But during the question & answer session, Google denied it. We were told that company had servers at various places in the world, and there was no plan to bring its data server in Pakistan as all the needs were being met.

And just like the servers, the company has no office in the country as well. All the Pakistan centric operations are controlled from its headquarter in Singapore.


Youtube hosted first ever Music event in Pakistan:

On Wednesday, the video giant Youtube also hosted the first ever music event in DHA Golf Club Karachi which was performed by Noori band and attended by journalists, celebrities, technologists, and entrepreneurs and Vloggers.

Pakistani Youtube Celebrities that Google Admires:

Youtube representatives especially gave the example of few Pakistani youtube rockstars who gained fame through it.

Ali Gul Pir: “Waderay ka beta” who doesn’t remember that song. The youtube cum celebrity came to fame through this performance. And do you know where this song was viewed the most?? Yes, Youtube.

Justin Bibis, two girls who sang the song of Justin Bieber, got hit when their video “Baby” went viral.

Mishal Khan, a Pakistani makeup artist, and vlogger has more than 0.8 million followers.

Coke Studio has 0.7 million followers in Pakistan. Most of its videos have millions of hits and the channel is one of the most watched ones in Pakistan.

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