With Zameen’s Super Hot Property listings, search houses with HD images

Zameen Super Hot Property

The real estate website Zameen has launched a new product called Super Hot Property, through which advertisers can get 20 times more exposure for their properties as compared to the regular listings.

The Super Hot Property listings appear at the top of the search results for 30 days and offer HD videos and high-resolution photographs of the property. This feature is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

For advertised plots, the Super Hot Property video covers famous landmarks and exit and entrance routes, which helps identify the location of the property. In the case of houses or commercial buildings, the HD video covers the entire property, exterior and interior.

These videos not only reduce the time spent in searching for properties but also help the buyers and investors make a more informed decision.

To ensure transparency, the HD videos, which are an integral part of the Super Hot Property feature, are made by Zameen’s very own media associates who use state-of-the-art equipment to capture the properties’ details in a professional manner, enhancing the utility of Super Hot Properties.

“When we say that we strive to offer innovative experiences to property buyers, sellers and investors, we actually mean it. The launch of Super Hot Property is another addition to the list of helpful features offered by Zameen,” said Zameen’s CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan. “Our aim is to continue bringing the real estate market towards the cutting edge of technology.”

Ali Khan brothers found Zameen in 2006. Just recently, Property Portal Watch, a global authority on real estate websites held a conference in Bangkok, in which it has named Zameen among the top 5 property portals across the world.

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The portal currently boasts more than 3.5 million monthly visits, a team of over 650 professionals, over 10,000 registered agencies, offices in 9 and presence in 30 major cities of Pakistan.

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