Zong launches Employee Volunteers’ Program across Pakistan

Zong launches Employee Volunteers' Program

Zong has launched its Employee Volunteers’ Program under the label of “A New Hope”. The program identity is built around Zong’s Brand promise of “A New Dream”. The initiative aims at creating a workforce of volunteers who contribute to multiple civic and social causes.

In the future, Zong plans to leverage its volunteers’ program to help advance positive social change through multi-stakeholder partnerships that support access to critical human needs, education, healthcare, and economic empowerment.

Under a detailed methodology, the program is aimed at greater social inclusion through aiding the welfare of the underprivileged segments of the society vis-à-vis disaster affectees, orphanages, low-income families and physically/mentally challenged individuals.

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The enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility orientation of the company is also geared towards bridging the digital divide, enhancing social mobility and supporting youth development initiatives.

Underscoring Zong’s CSR philosophy, company spokesperson Mr. Maham Dard commented “We fully realize our role as a responsible corporate entity and we want to give as much social and technological advantage to our society as possible”.

He went on to say, “Zong believes in empowering and connecting people through our fastest 4G technology creating exponential social, environmental and business impact. ‘A New Hope’ is our commitment to bring the change by working with partner organizations in domains that impact the lives of millions of Pakistanis.”

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