Zong has more than 12 million 4G subscribers in Pakistan

Zong is one of the fastest growing telecom operators with more than 12 million 4G subscribers in Pakistan. According to statistics provided by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the company has the highest number of 4G subscribers in the country and now Hamza Ali Abbasi, one of the biggest Pakistani celebrity and a youth icon, has also joined, Zong 4G’s network.

The company has recently revamped its My Zong App and continues to equip its customers with the right tools for staying connected in this digital world with its new products and services. As we live in the age of the smartphone, It is also offering some exclusive telecom offers for its customers through its mobile application

Zong’s network spreads around over 400 cities coupled with more than 11,000 operational 4G sites. To better facilitate its users and answer to their queries, Zong has its own in-house customer care center which operates 24/7. Additionally, its digital e-channels are also facilitating the users by addressing their concerns through digital means in the shortest time.

The telecom giant recently received the accolade of ‘Best in 4G Services’ from Consumers Association of Pakistan which sheds light on the telco’s effort to provide the best internet services and experience to the users.

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