ZTE to launch new Android Wear device with LTE connectivity

ZTE Android Wear

ZTE has the plans to develop an Android Wear device and the company says that the development is in the final stages. We will see this new smartwatch later this year and it will be another addition to the already available wearables in the market.

According to the details, ZTE will develop this smartwatch with LTE support, and it is for the first time that a company is adding this feature on a wearable device. You will be able to use this watch independently, without connecting to your smartphone.

Google will unveil its Android Wear 2.0 this year and we can expect that this new smartwatch from ZTE will feature this operating system. Google will also introduce its smartwatches, which are being built by HTC.

ZTE is also working on the battery of this smartwatch as the users were complaining that the devices from this company come with a low-quality battery. Now, ZTE has decided to introduce a powerful battery, which will come with the new smartwatch.

The smartphones from ZTE come at very affordable prices, so we can expect that their wearable device will also come at cheap prices. Currently, Samsung is leading the smartwatch market, a number of other companies like Nokia and Huawei are also working on some new smartwatches.

We have to wait for more information about this smartwatch as the company has not announced any details about the prices or any other specifications. But there are some speculations that there will be activity tracking features on this device.

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