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Android phones system issues

How to restore android with safe mode and soft & hard factory reset?

System problems in Android phones is a new normal but they can be solved by troubleshooting in safe mode or soft or hard factory resetting.
Cyber Harassment hlpline is now live

Nighat Dad’s Cyber Harassment Helpline; Is it enough to fight the evil?

Cyber harassment helpline is now live and very easy to approach but is it enough to combat the online harassment, or there is more is needed
NTC has doubled the internet penetration

NTC footprint for broadband doubled in 3 years

NTC has doubled its broadband penetration in the last three years and is working towards their aim of digitising all provinces of Pakistan.
OPPO has partnered itself with HSY

Fashion meets Tech; HSY partners with OPPO smartphones

Pakistan's fashion powerhouse HSY meets the global leading smartphone brand OPPO to bring technology and haute designs together under one roof
four criminals sent to jail for Cybercrime

Four more criminals sent to jail for Cybercrime; Another win for the Law

Judicial Magistrate sent four criminals to jail on judicial remand under Cybercrime Law. The offenders were charged with cyber fraud.
Netflix now has offline playback feature

Netflix can now show videos without Internet; Here’s how

Videos and TV series can now be seen without the internet with Netflix new offline playback feature which let the user download the content.
Car Focused Social platform; Drive Tribe

Drive Tribe; Car enthusiast’s New Craze

Top Gear trio launched a new Website DriveTribe for all car enthusiasts which will feature different tribes (blogs) on specific topics.
Facebook Live interview conducted by BBC Urdu

Social media journalism; Facebook Live Interview of Pakistani High Commissioner

BBC Urdu interviewed Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit on Facebook Live which depicts the new dynamic of social media companies.
virtual reality games

New multiplayer games are coming on Virtual Reality headsets

The Virtual Reality technology is slowly becoming popular in the mobile phones industry, and the future of all the computers is also the VR.
online certificate of origin system

TDAP brings online Certificate of Origin repository system for accelerating exports to China

TDAP has structured an online Certificate of Origin (COO) repository system for accelerating the exports to China. Here are the details.
Facebook Messenger app games

Facebook Messenger now lets you play exciting games with your friends

Facebook Messenger has launched a new feature, which is very fun to use. Now, this app lets you play exciting games with your friends.
Ishaq Dar calls meeting to promote Islamic Banking

Meeting called to promote Islamic Banking in Pakistan; Ishaq Dar

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has called a committee meeting on 3rd Dec for Promotion of Islamic Banking in Pakistan, which is seeing growth.


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