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More News is the fastly growing online news platform of Pakistan. Ever since its inception in 2016, it has grown exponentially with its wings spanning over the world of technology, gadgets, business, travel, food, and lifestyle. We are just not a novice in reporting. Our love for news started back in 2008 with the birth of monthly English periodicals on telecommunication and mobile phones.

We do not believe in cluttering our site with everything unimportant. Here at More News, we keep an eye on updates and report them precisely and accurately.

Our reviews, features, and guides are comprehensive, helpful, and easy to digest for even the most novice reader.

Who runs the show? This is not a one-person blog. Our ever-growing editorial team in Lahore (Pakistan) along with some dedicated contributors never miss a chance to update our valuable readers.

Do you wish to reach us? Click here for our contact details.

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