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Johnny & Jugnu Sealed In Lahore Is Causing Chaos

Johnny & Jugnu has just been sealed by the police for serving an unwanted add on in their burgers - a deep fried lizard!
Molten Lava Cakes Lahore

Best Places To Have Molten Lava Cakes In Lahore!

All Lahoris unanimously have one favorite chocolate dessert: the Molten Lava Cakes! Here are all the places in Lahore where you can have the BEST ones from!

Fujiyama: The Best Japanese Restaurant In Lahore

Fujiyama in Avari is hands down the best Japanese restaurant in Lahore!
Rina's Kitchenette among Places for lunch In Gulberg

5 Best And Affordable Places For Lunch In Gulberg, Lahore

Here is a list of 5 places you NEED to go to for lunch, especially if you're in Gulberg, Lahore!
Jade Cafe Chicken Parmigiana

Jade Cafe By China Town – An Excellent Place To Have Lunch At In...

Jade Cafe by China Town is an excellent restaurant to have a casual and quick lunch at with a number of food items to choose from at a great price!
PF Changs Sushi

PF Chang’s In Lahore; A Big Let Down For Food Lovers

Everyone was quite excited when it was revealed that PF Chang's was opening up in Lahore, but it was a disappointing experience for me.
English Breakfast Places in Lahore

Best Places In Lahore For Having English Breakfast

As much as going out for dinners is fun, catching breakfast on a Sunday can be lovely. We have made a list of places for best English breakfasts in Lahore