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Best Mobile Apps to Learn Quran The Easy Way

The urge for online Quran reading is rising exponentially as more and more people find it easier to learn Quran with the help of mobile apps.

As more apps are popping up to rival some of the popular Quranic apps on the app stores, the quality of each app is improving. The developers are putting tons of features to make it easier to learn Quran without spending time searching for the right and affordable teacher.

Not only do we get to read Quran easily at our convenience, but we can also organize our everyday routine, and these apps can help us make reading the Quran a daily habit.

If you happen to search Quran on Google Play, you will come across tons of options. However, these mobile apps are intended to help you read and learn Quran; not all give optimum user experience.

Depending upon various needs and levels of skills and understanding of the Quran, we have handpicked the best mobile apps for both Apple and Android users to learn Quran the easy way.


Islam360 is an all-in-one Quran app that offers the Arabic Quran, its translation, and Tafseer in one place. Although it primarily targets the Urdu understanding audience recently, they have added support for other languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Nepali, Marathi, etc.

Islam360 app features

  • Detailed lessons on Quranic Arabic language, pronunciation, and rules for Urdu audience.
  • There is a comprehensive search by word, verse, or root word in English, Urdu, Roman Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi. You also get to play with the voice search to reach a specific part of the Quran.
  • Nine books of Hadit, including Al Muslim, Al Bukhari, Al Tirmazi, Abu Dawood, Al Nasai, etc.
  • Salah notifications
  • A WhatsApp support is available to communicate with the team behind the app.

Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed is also available for Android and iPhones with a focus on everyday reading. The app offers a vast list of famous reciters and translations covering more than 50 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The app is not meant to assist beginners who seek help with basic Arabic rules; however, it is a valuable resource to learn Quran through multiple translations and tafsirs in different languages.

Quran Majeed App features

  • Lots of theme and font customizations and highly flexible layout for all screen types. You can zoom in and out the font size by simply pinching the screen.
  • Prayer times and alerts
  • Quran engagement time meter.

Quranic App

Quranic app is a fun way to learn Quran in a very interactive way and a storytelling style which is much easier than getting engaged with exhaustive Arabic learning lectures. The app can cater to anyone who doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of Arabic letters, but at the same time, it also helps experienced users who want to polish their Arabic understanding further.

The app support seven languages, including English and Urdu. It takes you forward in a quiz format suitable for almost every age group.

Quranic app features

  • It teaches grammar, punctuation, & Arabic vocabulary
  • Learning Arabic using stories from the Quran itself!
  • Sleek, modern UI provides a more engaging learning environment than a classroom.

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