Zong 4G and UNICEF Pakistan partner to create awareness around COVID-19

UNICEF and Zong

Zong 4G and UNICEF joined hands to help inform the general public in Pakistan on COVID-19. As part of the partnership, Zong 4G will use all its digital channels to disseminate accurate and reliable information on the coronavirus COVID-19. The campaign aims at reaching Zong 4G’s over 37 Million customers through multiple platforms and channels, … Read more

Best Buy Mall: Buy groceries & medicines online during quarantine days

best buy mall 2

COVID19 has changed the way we shop for groceries and other household products. It is highly advised these days to avoid trips to supermarkets and public places. Where it is necessary to minimize outside trips, it’s a need to get food and supplies. A safe option to bring all essentials at home during this pandemic … Read more