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Hisham Sarwar Tells How He Became a Successful Freelancer?

Today’s Freelancer can be a successful entrepreneur of the future while creating jobs and mobilizing the economy in a positive way. Hisham Sarwar who is a freelancer, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist has set a benchmark for the Pakistani youngsters who want to do something in their life and lack opportunities.

Hisham Sarwar who is a technopreneur started his journey as a freelance graphic designer 15 years back when the concept was completely non-existent in Pakistan. Putting his blood and soul to work, Hisham managed to build the trust of his clients and dragged more projects leading him to hire more workers and ultimately start his venture Informist.

“People who once worked for me are now earning more than me as freelancer”

From his journey, Hisham has aspiring stories to share from being a freelancer to an entrepreneur. While talking to MORE Hisham revealed that working as a freelancer means being engaged in some artwork. One gets a chance to pour out his creativity as he has to work freely. As an entrepreneur he has to hire people and take work from them which is a bit formal thing, so working personally on assignments from clients makes him play with another creativity.

Often freelancers think that skipping an office job and opting for working remotely often causes hindrance in the way of grooming. In light of his experience, Hisham believes that working in an office-based position is necessary as it tells how to become managed and well disciplined. For him being well discipline is not attributed to the tough nine to five routine, rather it has a strong relationship with finance management. Usually, such jobs yield small monetary benefits, and hence the person has to learn how to use his earnings.

In freelancing, there is the margin of earning in one month what one might make in next six months during an office job.

For youngsters, they can do an office job for learning and later switch to a freelancing mode for earning.

In the last decade much has been changed in the International arena generally and Pakistani freelancing horizon particularly. More businesses are outsourcing for providing services and taking solutions; this has not only increased the demand for freelancers but also increased more competition in the market.

However, a fierce game is a significant change in freelancing dynamics, but Hisham also discloses the secret of becoming the right choice of your client.

“Know your Work and Worth.”

Hisham who provided quality work to his customers and became the top ten freelancer on Guru.com has a major customer base comprising of foreign clients. He says that the client retention rate of Informist is 60% and mostly previous customers revert to the company for future services.

In his 15 years, long journey Hisham didn’t get any mentionable opportunity to work for a Pakistani client. The reason is evident in a broader scenario as official IT exports of Pakistan are $500 million and service providers don’t manage to get lucrative projects from within the country.

At the moment there is less demand in I.T sector, but this should be deemed as an opportunity. The institutes like NHA (National Highway Authority) and areas like Health and Education are moving towards digitization. Such events provide a ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Regarding a question related to the IT revolution in Pakistan Hisham expressed that such a revolution has already come, our IT sector is popping up with amazing ideas that can make instant changes in other fields too. He mentioned the websites like Cowlar.com which are helping farmers to boost the yield with the help of devices that measure the performance of cattle.

In Pakistan our IT exports are related to web development, app development, and software, we are not self-sufficient when it comes to hardware, Hisham is assuring that for boosting development. We don’t need to rely on our data centers and hardware installments.

While relying on external equipment and providing more value-added services we can raise our IT revenue.

Pakistan is currently on number four country in freelancing with India sitting in number two and America occupying the top slot. The reason for our relative’s weak position pertains to the fact that there is still a lack of knowledge.

Elaborating on the lack of opportunities, Hisham Sarwar told that almost 10,000 IT graduates who come out of the universities don’t find a place to practice their knowledge as they lack opportunities. Although there exist incubators and doing quite well, still they are insufficient to cater to the needs of our youngsters. There must be more space for allowing the brainchild of youth to grow. If any project like IT Park becomes real, then it would benefit the young generation who is seeking opportunities. He also acknowledged the services of PITB chairperson Umer Saif for his endeavors in the IT sector of Pakistan and labeled him a “Superman.”

Entrepreneurship is all about ideas, and an idea becomes worthy only when it helps society in a positive way, Hisham Sarwar may not have gotten enough opportunity to provide services to the local clients, but he has done enough as a philanthropist, as he narrates

“I love in giving back and sharing the knowledge I have”.

With platforms like Rozgarpakistan.com that was launched in 2014 and Being Guru.com that was started in 2015, Hisham is not only connecting the Pakistani freelancers with local and foreign clients but also providing free training to the youngsters for advising them to enter the field.

Hisham Sarwar proudly boasts about the response he gets on behalf of the new freelancers from Dadu to Swat and other remote areas of Pakistan in the form of their success stories that were the result of his education and awareness he spread through video tutorials.

The worth mentioning endeavor of Hisham is the Truedrop, an app that connects the hospitals with blood donors. At the time of emergency, victims can download the app and ask for blood donation which would pop up as the notification in the donor’s iOS is Android-based mobile phone.

Although the man is an aspirant for Pakistani freelancers and has made a name in the field Hisham is looking forward to achieving more higher status in his field while working for the betterment of Pakistan being a true patriot.

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