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Call and SMS service have become an important tool to market things today, and almost every one of us might have experienced unwanted calls and SMS from an unknown source now and then.

Apart from marketing, the lower tariff rates and more accessibility to communication services allow the annoyers to call and tease people and this situation sometimes leads to severe disturbance and even turns harassing for the female mobile phone users particularly.

Therefore, to tackle the issue, we have summed up three different methods through which you can block unknown and unwanted calls and SMS within few minutes, just have a look at them.

1. Use mobile phone settings

Unwanted calls and SMSes can be blocked by using the manual settings of feature phones or smartphones. For this reason, you are required to save that particular number into your phone storage or SIM, then go to options while the annoying Contact ID is opened and select ‘block incoming call’ or by adding it to the screened list.

It is important to note here that almost all the mobile devices offer the above settings to block the unwanted calls. However, most of them do not allow to prevent the SMSes by using the usual configuration. Hence, we have compiled a couple of apps at the end of the article which blocks the SMS as well.

2. Take help of your Operator

Looking at the seriousness of the issue, cellular operators from all over the world offer facilities to their users to get rid of the unwanted calls and block them. Below are the details what Pakistani mobile operators provide to their customers for handling the situation.


Mobilink is providing a blocking service for the unwanted Calls & SMS. A user can block any of the mobile or landline numbers from calling and sending SMS.

To subscribe this service, via USSD string, just dial *420# and choose the option from menu flow or SMS “act ics ” to 420 and follow the instructions.

Charges: prepaid customers will be charged Rs. 0.5+tax per day for the subscription while for Postpaid customers, Rs. 14.99 +tax per month will be deducted.

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Warid also offers to block unwanted calls and SMSs. The service is known as “Warid Call & SMS Block 420″. The subscribers can restrict unwanted calls & SMS from any of the local or international numbers by dialing 420 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions or typing ” Sub ” in the SMS option and send it to 420.

Interestingly, Warid offers a range of options that users can choose as a default announcement for the obnoxious callers and even they can also use self-recorded announcements to express against the obnoxious caller’s number(s). e.g. you can record, ‘Bhai, you are blocked now’, sounds hilarious, isn’t it?

Charges: Rs. 19+tax shall be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid users on the subscription of this offer.


Telenor subscribers can also block unwanted calls or SMS from a caller number by sending ‘sub’ to 420 to get registered and after that, you can SMS the number which you want to block to 420.

Charges: The subscription charges are Rs. 20 + tax per month for prepaid and postpaid users.


Ufone customers can also enjoy the freedom to control the received calls and SMS with UBlock service. Just type ‘sub’ and send it to 420 to subscribe to the offer and following that, type block<unwanted number> and send it to 420, e.g., block 03331111111

Charges: Prepaid customers of Ufone will be levied Rs.3.75+tax per week while Postpaid customers will be charged Rs. 15+ tax per month for the subscription of this offer.


To block any number from Zong SIM, the customers can type block<SPACE><NUMBER> e.g., block 03331111111 and send it to 420. 

Charges: The activation of Call Screening by Zong will cost Rs. 15+tax per month.

3. Download apps to block calls and SMS

Sometimes, out of the blue, a message pop-up or a call says that “Benazir Income support ki Taraf se apka Rs. 25,000 manzor hogya hai”, and the user doesn’t know what to do next. Many of the cases have been reported in which the criminals made a fool out of people and defrauded them using such techniques.

But now you can do that without paying anything. There are various useful mobile apps that can help you get rid of all the annoying callers without involving any cost. Here, we are sharing few apps that you can download to block wrong-callers.


This one is the hilarious app which has a simple interface to keep the unwanted people out of your phone and bury them in your graveyard. Consequently, no calls, no texts, no picture messages. Tada!

Call Guard

With Call Guard, the users can block calls, SMS and even MMS easily. There is also a stealth mode through which you can hide the application icon so that nobody will know there is a call blocker installed. It gives the option to drop unwanted call automatically, pick up and then hang up the call, mute the call so that the blocked person doesn’t know that he is being blocked, delete call log entry for blocked calls and much more.

Call and SMS Easy Blocker

This app is also a good option to block disturbing call and SMS efficiently. You can put the call on waiting, mute or permanently say goodbye to annoying numbers. It also gives the accessibility to the users to monitor blocked calls and SMS through a blocked log.

Texter SMS Pro

You can use this Pakistani SMS app to block any number. It comes with built-in Call and SMS blocker. If someone is annoying you by calling or sending spam texts, you can add his/her number in the blacklist of Texter SMS Pro by touching the “+” icon in this app.


By using any of the options mentioned above, you can get rid of all the useless sources and advertising companies. Hopefully, it would help your device to have some relief from such disturbing issues. If you know any other useful method to tackle this situation, don’t forget to share in the comment section below.


  1. Hello admin i wnt to knw i use iphne4s n i block some one… if i want to cheak again thats no msg or call… how can i cheak… plz tell me..

  2. Thanks for sharing, you can also try some apps to help. I used to receive some harass calls, but now with LEO Privacy I can put unwanted calls into the blacklist, and detect and block harass calls with harassment Intercept now, at the same time, I can also share them with my friends and family. Awesome security app.

  3. Incomming calls block hojye
    Call karene wale ko yea lge num off hai
    Ya num not in use hai
    Ya network error show kardy

    Bs sms send or recivied ho

    Plzz divert k elwa btye q k divert me logo ko pta chl jata hai

    Agr blocking app use karty h tou ius me caller ko pta chl jata h block hai
    Wo jb b call karta hainum busy jata hai

    Help line se help lo tou wo khety h hmre call block service on karlen

    Jb k wo call barring ka nai batate wo pospaid users ko batate h

    Plzzz help


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