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7 Advertising Jingles from the 90s, They Remind Us Our Childhood

Almost every one of us is in love with 90s ads, primarily because they were amazing and refresh our childhood memories. The advertising jingles of the same period were very catchy and still stand out in our favorite commercials.

Here, we have selected for you some of the most popular advertising jingles from the 90s that will refresh your childhood memories.

1. Nokia

Who is not familiar with Nokia? It has been one of the largest mobile phone brands for centuries. Almost all the cell phones by the company come with an official Nokia ringtone. This particular tune was also featured in most of the Nokia advertisements that were made in the 90s. The tune was written in 1902 and was composed by Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega.

2. Wall’s

Although there are many ice cream brands available, the one we remember since our childhood is the Wall’s. Its official advertising jingle makes our mouth watered in the days of summers when the ice cream-hawkers come on the streets with the jingle being played. Wall’s jingle was one of the most popular music in the 90s and

3. Naz Pan Masala

Remember “Meri muthi mein band hai kia.. Bta do na!!” ?

One of the most popular advertising jingles in the 90s was “Naz Pan Masala”.  In the ad, we see a girl who comes with her hand closed tightly and asks everyone, “Meri Muthee Mein Band Hy Kya?…Bata Do Na!” and then, the music plays along with the lyrics “Naz Pan Masala, Naz Pan Masala.”

4. BP Candies and Jellies

How can we forget the sweet BP candies that all of us used to enjoy in our childhood? Not only their advertising jingle was amazing but also the prices of these candies were very cheap, i.e., Rs. 1 = eight candies. Although a lot of candies are available today, no one can forget the awesome taste of classic BP candies.

5. Gillette

The Dentonic Ad was a very amusing advertisement from the golden memories of the 90s and it really takes us into our childhood. In the ad, two funny characters appear, one of them tells the other, “Use Dentonic once a day, especially before going to the bed.” Although the ad was just 19 seconds long, it was one of the funniest ads in the 90s.

7. Noras Squash

Here comes another exciting ad from the era of the 90s. Norash Squash ad was a cute ad with a catchy jingle and it reminds us of the summers of the old days. In the ad, a cute girl comes while singing the jingle of Noras squash and tells us the qualities of it and how she and her brother enjoys drinking Noras.

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