Solar Kids Illness

Mystery of Solar Kids that Left Doctors Confused is Finally Solved

The two brothers, namely Shoaib Ahmed, 13, and Abdul Rashid, 9 are suffering from a mysterious illness that has left the Pakistani doctors totally confused. The doctors have named these brothers Solar Kids.

According to the details, Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rashid are two brothers from a suburban area of Quetta. They act normally during the day timing. But, as soon as the sun sets in, both the siblings become paralyzed. The parents of these brothers have admitted them to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad.

“I think my sons get energy from the sun,” says Hashim, the father of the boys, who is a poor and simple man. He is married to his first cousin. He had six children. Two of them have died at a very young age. The two other children are normal.

Shoaib and Abdul Rashid act like all the other children during the daytime and they also attend a madrasa. Shoaib says he wants to become a teacher and Abdul Rashid says he wants to become an Islamic Scholar.

The government is offering free-of-charge medical treatment to these two Solar Kids. The doctors say that they have never seen such a case before. Lahore-based doctors also joined the efforts in finding the disease. After performing some 450 medical tests and experiments on the boys, the doctors have finally diagnosed the illness. The illness is called Muscular Fatigue.

Solar Kids are finally diagnosed

Muscular Fatigue is an illness that reduces the person’s ability to produce a force on the muscles, leaving him paralyzed. It is the extreme tiredness of muscles. The muscles work normally but get tired very fast.

The tiredness that results from this disease may remain for some hours, or for the entire day or night. From this illness, if a person gets inactive for a longer time, he may also get mentally ill.

The disease is very rare. It usually starts to show its symptoms at a very young age but increases over time if left untreated. Medical science does not know what causes muscular fatigue. The illness is always diagnosed after many tests, and the treatment is possible from the medicines.

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