Chinese Electric Car in Pakistan

Cheap Electric Cars You Can Buy in Pakistan

Electric cars are a fad, or are they just going to stay here? Whatever it turns out to be in the coming years, we know one thing, people are getting crazy about them. 

Most of the cars big brands are manufacturing fall in the upper price bracket. The good news is, we have some budget options now, and they are popping up frequently.

So how can we get cheap electric cars in Pakistan? We have tried to make it simple for you.

One of the cheap electric cars we are waiting for is Wuling Mini EV that we might purchase in Pakistan in 2022. Thanks to Javed Afridi, the representative of MG cars in Pakistan, who hinted to launch Mini EV under 1 million Pak rupees. 

wuling mini ev electric cars in pakistan
Wuling Mini EV

Although he never shared a launch timeline, we are keeping our fingers crossed for an early launch.

Earlier in 2017, Super Power had promised us cheap electric cars in Pakistan, but we never heard from them in the following years. 

They seem to have missed the timeline terribly, and we still don’t know if introducing electric cars is still on their “to-do list” or they are happy with motorbikes for now.

However, the electric vehicles they put on display to excite the public are also available on the Chinese e-commerce site aliexpress where you can buy one for yourself.

Unlike the regular cars we drive on the roads, these tiny vehicles serve different purposes. They don’t necessarily meet all the road and traffic safety standards; however, they can be handy for the following purposes.

  1. Grocery from the nearby store.
  2. Pick and drop children from school.
  3. Safe and easy travel for multiple passengers – your spouse, children or parents – within the walled community, university, or a golf course.
  4. they are souldness and keep the environment clean.

These cheap electric cars come in different shapes and carry numerous features. You can pick a standard version or customize it as per specific requirements.

Note: if you order an electric car online, you may need to pay port charges and taxes separately as mentioned on the seller’s page.

18 thoughts on “Cheap Electric Cars You Can Buy in Pakistan”

  1. M.Salman Javed Bhatti

    Hi can u tell me where i can find this car in Pakistan Gujranwala and Lahore.
    I will wait for your answer…

  2. This is a great facility for Pakistani middle class families. They charge 1800 pkr under 40 kms. Very economical. Great gift for Pakistani middle class families. We are waiting for a chains deals for above said cars.

  3. It’s so great n ever charming news for such thickly populated country like Pakistan.
    An Economy way to ease life scenario is ahead.

    I m looking forward for it’s appearance in Karachi city.

  4. It is a best upperchunity for poor pakistani for cheap, secure and honourable movement in domestic areas in their home town

  5. When it will start to sale in Pakistan? What is the price of this car at Pakistan? Can we import it now from China?

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