Cheap electric cars to soon hit the roads in Pakistan

We all love to own a car, but the prices of automobiles in Pakistan always happen to put a damper on those plans. Solution? Chinese electric cars.

A Chinese company at Karachi Auto show 2017 introduced cheap electric cars with a quite trendy design. The company will introduce three models of the Chinese electric cars in Pakistan next year including Economy, Comfortable and Luxury.

The Chinese electric cars are not like a cheap PKR 50,000 car that actually turned out to be PKR 600k vehicle when we approached the seller. The Economy car would be priced at $3000 (PKR 314,445), Comfortable at $4000 (PKR 419,260) whereas the price of the Luxury car would be around $5000 (PKR 524,075).

The cars have four seats, but only three doors. It also features power window, aluminum alloy rim, disk brake, central locking system, remote keys, air cooler (optional) air heater, radio, USB port, AUX, back camera display, video, and speakers. It will also use 3G/4G technology to stay connected, truly a smart car.

When someone buys a car, they don’t have to pay for the vehicle but take care of its future expenses as well especially fuel. With the new Chinese electric car, the cost of covering 1km is around Rs. 1.

The best thing is that users can recharge it from home as it consumes (220 volts). But the advantage of special power charging system is that it will take less time for a battery to be fully charged.

With a full battery, the Chinese electric car can cover 120 km at the speed of 60 km/hr. The Chinese company is looking for dealers and partners in Pakistan to launch their car.

The company will also provide a five-year or 80,000 KM warranty whereas it will also develop a network for after sales service to provide parts and repair service to customers.

Last year,  JAC Motors, a Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer, was said to establish a facility in Gwadar, Pakistan for producing the cheap cars in the country.

This is an encouraging move as it will weaken the monopoly of three major automobile companies in Pakistan. Five major international car brands are also headed to Pakistan to establish their manufacturing plants.

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  1. Hi can u tell me where i can find this car in Pakistan Gujranwala and Lahore.
    I will wait for your answer…

  2. This is a great facility for Pakistani middle class families. They charge 1800 pkr under 40 kms. Very economical. Great gift for Pakistani middle class families. We are waiting for a chains deals for above said cars.

  3. It’s so great n ever charming news for such thickly populated country like Pakistan.
    An Economy way to ease life scenario is ahead.

    I m looking forward for it’s appearance in Karachi city.

  4. It is a best upperchunity for poor pakistani for cheap, secure and honourable movement in domestic areas in their home town


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