Road Safety to follow in Pakistan

Alerting people to different things is imperative. One area that plays a vital role in the lives of people is driving. It does not matter what kind of vehicle a person owns; there are many traffic issues that he faces in his everyday lives.

Keeping this in mind, Telenor Pakistan in collaboration with National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP) held a Road Safety session for the public to teach them how they can start taking road safety measures.

Road Safety aims to reduce the death rates, injuries, and loss of property resulting from the traffic accidents. We can control the accidents by designing the safe roads, designing the safe vehicles, and training the road users who could be anyone using the road for any purpose.

A pedestrian, a driver, a passenger, and any other individual who is on the road is a “road user.” Here are a few tips on road safety, which we all must not forget for our own safety.

Keep your vehicle in a good condition

If the vehicle has any kind of fault, it can cause an accident. So,
always keep a proper maintenance of your car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle that you own so that you can avoid the accidents.


If the driver is untrained, he could cause a crash on the road. So,
make sure that your driver is properly trained before you allow
him to drive your car for you.

Wear Seatbelt

Wearing the seatbelt is critical. Always wear it as it prevents you
from hitting the windshield, steering wheel, doors, etc.

Face the traffic

When you are on the road, you should be visible to everyone and
keep an eye on everything. As a pedestrian, you should be visible
to everyone on the road. Always walk on the side of the road
where you can face the traffic. Try to walk on the right side of
the road because most of the traffic in our country runs on the left side. If we walk on the right side of the road, we would be able to keep an eye on the traffic.

Make eye contact

Don’t just look at the vehicles while walking on the road, but also
make an eye contact with the drivers. There is a chance that the
driver might be busy on the phone, so if you make an eye contact
with him, he will start paying attention to you and the road.

Look around before crossing the road

Always look on both sides of the road before crossing it. Many
people cross the road without even looking around themselves,
which causes accidents. One of the best things to avoid the
accidents is to check on your both sides if there is traffic or not.

Avoid Heat

While walking on the road, if you feel an increased body
temperature, then stop walking and stay for a few minutes. If you
feel any kind of sickness, immediately contact your doctor.


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