Super Power to introduce cheap Electric Cars in Pakistan this year

The auto industry in Pakistan is going through a major shift mostly due to the new Auto Development Policy 2016 which led to the entry of major international brands in the Pakistani market. But one of the most exciting things in the auto industry right now is the dawn of the electric cars.

After hybrid cars, electric cars are the primary focus of many companies because they don’t consume fuel and are thus eco-friendly. In Pakistan, we previously saw three variants of electric car presented by a Chinese company at Karachi Expo Centre and a cheap PKR 50,000 car that actually turned out to be PKR 600k vehicle.

Now Super Power, the motorcycle brand has unveiled it’s two electric cars at the 14th My Karachi-Oasis of Harmony, a three-day exhibition at Karachi Expo Centre. The company intends to start the sell these vehicles in the next three months.

Electric Cars Super Power
Image Source: Express Tribune

With seven hours charging, these cars can travel for 120 KM and can go at the maximum of 50KM/h. The two-door variant car is priced at  Rs600,000, whereas the four-door variant will be priced at Rs650,000. It will have a 12 volts battery and could be easily charged at home, just like UPS.

Super Power recently introduced Union Star 70cc automatic motorbike in Pakistan that certainly has made quite a few waves among the masses. The company right now is looking for a separate dealership for its electric cars, separated from its motorcycle business.

two-door variant Electric cars
Image Source: Express Tribune

The future of electric cars shows potential in Pakistan as Mian Mansha also recently revealed that Nishat Group is trying to convince Hyundai to bring electric and hybrid cars in Pakistan.

Nishat recently entered into a partnership with the Hyundai Motors Co. to develop a greenfield project for assembly and sales of HMC passenger and 1-ton range commercial vehicles in Pakistan.

Via-Express Tribune

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  1. Super power walay itnay pason main kudh he chlay gay isay aur Pakistan main to baterry choor han bhe buhat matlab garri to khsri he rahay ge koi bhe lay jay ga apnay ghar kay us ka bacha chlaa lay ga biyec chorri ho jati ha yea to pher ke choti see ha

  2. This is my dream car for my four family members, I really liked it, but it is still out of my range. It should be solar chargeable also as huge load shading.

  3. I liked 4 door Electric car, but still it is out of may range. This is my dream car for my 4 member family.

  4. ye car to us country ma hony chahye jahan 24 hours light ho…
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