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Super Power Cheap Electric Cars in Pakistan, When?

Super Power, the motorbike company, gained a lot of attention when they announced to bring two doors and four doors mini vehicles they called Super Power cheap electric cars.

To excite the Pakistani motor lovers, they showed the demo of these cars back in 2017 at an expo in Karachi and told us to bring the vehicles to the market for the masses in the following years.

The battery-charged Super Power cheap electric cars were estimated to carry a minimum price tag of PKR 150,000 at the time of the announcement, but it looked certainly a marketing gimmick.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get our hands on a commercial unit yet. According to Super Power, it hasn’t been able to import due to the COVID19 pandemic in the following years.

However, here are the details of cheap electric cars they displayed.

With seven hours of charging, these cars can travel for 120 KM and go at a maximum of 50KM/h. And the 12-volt battery inside can be easily charged at home, just like UPS.

super power cheap electric cars two door variant Electric cars

Although we couldn’t see cars from Super Power, we came across one such two-door car in Lahore a businessman imported. The NK smart car is similar to the ones shown by Super Power. NK priced it at PKR 650,000. Here is the detailed story about the NK Smart car.

These electric cars are available in Pakistan

Are Super Power cheap electric cars suitable for Pakistan?

These cars could help travel within the community, hotels, and golf courses, but they are not viable to run on roads, unlike regular vehicles that meet all the road and safety standards.

Experts have raised lots of questions about their performance in the extreme temperature, heavy rains, and how they can protect passengers in case of an accident.

super power electric car

Nevertheless, we can find tons of electric vehicles on the Chinese site Ali Baba that carries much better designs than Super Power cheap electric cars. The price on the e-commerce site starts at USD 1,600 and vary depending upon the features and size. The price of a feature-rich mini electric car may go as high as USD 6,500. For the Pakistani audience, such a car may have a price tag much higher than most believe in Pakistan.

A sample car on alibaba

We don’t know officially what could have been the reason behind halting the plans, but we hope Super Power will soon start importing smart electric cars that are budget and environment-friendly.

Super Power is famous for the low-priced rivals of Honda and Yamaha motorbikes. They usually sell 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc bikes.

18 thoughts on “Super Power Cheap Electric Cars in Pakistan, When?”

  1. Super power walay itnay pason main kudh he chlay gay isay aur Pakistan main to baterry choor han bhe buhat matlab garri to khsri he rahay ge koi bhe lay jay ga apnay ghar kay us ka bacha chlaa lay ga biyec chorri ho jati ha yea to pher ke choti see ha

  2. Muhammad Faisal

    This is my dream car for my four family members, I really liked it, but it is still out of my range. It should be solar chargeable also as huge load shading.

  3. Muhammad Faisal

    I liked 4 door Electric car, but still it is out of may range. This is my dream car for my 4 member family.

  4. ye car to us country ma hony chahye jahan 24 hours light ho…
    pakistan ma light kahan ha

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