Changhong Ruba H7Ni Review

Changhong Ruba H7Ni Review; A Full-screen Smart LED TV

Smartphones and Smart TVs have many common traits today; they can communicate with each other, most of them run on Android, offer highly lucrative features, and they fall in a very reasonable price bracket that we usually call mid-range.

Changhong Ruba’s H7Ni series is a part of one of the four genres of LED TVs; it makes offers 4K resolution with other bells and whistles at a very competitive price. For PKR 89,999 – the price of its 55 inches model (55H7Ni) – you get to play with Google Assistant on an almost edgeless screen that gives 4K resolution.

We have already explored their flagship model U55H7Ki 4K TV and an entry-level G3EM series. This one, H7Ni, belongs to the UHD lineup, where it shares a number of features with the H7Ki series.

The unit we reviewed is of the mouthwatering size of 55 inches, but H7Ni is also available in smaller denominations; 50”, 43”, 40”, and 32” inches.

H7Ni brief specs

  • True 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 exactly)
  • Android pie (9.0)
  • Chipset: quad-core CA55 with Mali 470 GPU
  • RAM/ROM: 1.5GB/8GB
  • Built-in Apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Play Game and many
  • Multiscreen support (Chromecast built-in)
  • Dolby/Dolby+ and HDR 10 support


Changhong Ruba H7Ni LED Backside

H7Ni is a full-screen TV with minimal bezels on three sides; left, right, and the top. The bottom, however, has a chin that is noticeable and seems to be made out of glossy plastic material. The bottom strip carries the logo of Changhong Ruba on the extreme left side, which we have earlier witnessed in other models. The rest of the strip is all clean. Apart from these tiny bezels, there is nothing else on the front other than the huge 55 inches screen that is itself a treat to look at. Right at the bottom, you get to see the remote sensor that emits blue light.

Ports on LED Backside

Behind the screen, there is the usual Changhong Ruba metal back cover, which holds all the controls and connectivity options. The panel is filled with some most desired ports, including digital audio out, 3.5 mm headphone jack, AV in, two USB slots, 3 HDMI ports, RF-in slot, a LAN, and a satellite TV/local cable input slot.


LED Remote 1

H7Ni has this white-colored remote that is similar to what we saw in the H7Ki series. The well protruded rubber keys are easy to navigate and remember. Three prominent keys are Netflix, YouTube, and Google AI assistant could be the most frequently used controls for those who wish to take full advantage of this smart TV.

H7Ni is equipped with the most desired features today including Google Play Store, Netflix, Google Assistant, Dolby Audio, Dolby Vision (HDR 10 support) and above all, a full view display that goes edge to edge with minimum bezels

Changhong Ruba H7Ni Google Assistant


This quad-core LED TV has enough hardware to keep it running for almost any content type in association with its Mali 470 GPU. The TV features 1.5GB RAM and 4.6GB of internal storage, which, although it feels a little less but doesn’t quite cause a problem for the functioning of the device.

Like any Android TV, it is fairly easy to set up either through your smartphone or manually. The TV takes a little time to reach the home where all the fun begins. Once there, the rest is a smooth sail. We didn’t feel a major lag that could ruin the excitement of the huge 4K screen, which is 3840 x 2160 px resolution.

There are some apps pre-installed such as Netflix, YouTube but Google Play Store is there to further spice up the experience.

Changhong Ruba H7Ni Display

H7Ni supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision that resulting in very reasonable display quality. It gives one of the most extensive display menus that can be customized to nearly any graphic setting. Depending upon the source of content, you can enjoy a decent picture quality. The front viewing angles are great, but the display quality diminishes as the angles get extreme.

Similarly, the sound department has tons of options to maximize the experience. If you are not happy with the preset sound, the Dolby output can be customized through a built-in equalizer.

The remote control doubles the Google Assistant that needs to be paired with the TV to activate the service. As far as the command is in English with the right accent, the assistant can serve you for a variety of things, but it does not somehow catch the name of Urdu serials, which leaves you to search them on YouTube manually.

The LED TV features a Chromecast built-in. Multicasting is another fun area that we enjoyed. Although Changhong Ruba does not have an official app, which we believe they should have, you can find a number of solutions on the Google Play Store for connecting your smartphone with the LED TV. We used Google Home that is very easy to live cast your phone screen on the bigger screen. Whatever you can run on your phone, the TV can show it on a wireless network.

Changhong Ruba H7Ni is a feature-rich 4K LED TV that is available for a very competitive price. It has a number of pros than cons, this lightweight TV is Android 9 equipped and can give you a nice display and sound experience. If you are out there looking for a smart TV at a reasonable price, this TV can be considered.

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