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TCL C6 Review; Premium Design with Mesmerizing Display

You must have remembered the dazzling launch of the TCL C6 UHD TV a couple of months back. The Chinese company presented their latest flagship quite sophisticatedly and the guests enjoyed the presentations by the company officials as well as the banging music performance by the drummer, Farhad Humayun, and Dhol artists.

We decided at the event that this thing, TCL C6, is worth an in-depth review. The telly came to our office a week back and we tested it thoroughly in our labs just to give you a proper review so that you may make an informed decision. Grab a cup of tea and let’s dive in!

Inside the Large Box

tcl c6 remote controls

By ordering TCL C6, you receive a large box, as in our case it was a mammoth 55-inch variant. In the box, you get a nicely packed C6 with a metallic stand and a small plastic zip-lock bag.

The bag contains your two remote controls, product warranty card, user manual, screws, power cable, and an AV adapter.

Eye Catchy Design

What if I tell you that TCL C6 is even thinner than your latest smartphone. Yes, the company has achieved a marvelous design by packing a TV screen in a slim metallic casing. The back of the device is pretty neat and clean with every port well hidden in pockets and covered by a plastic lid.

tcl c6 back

The right side of C6 contains 3 HDMI ports, a port for cable connection, LAN port, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port, AV-IN port, SPDIF port, and headphone jack. The left side of the TV just contains a port to connect the power cable.

tcl c6 power port

Coming to the front of the device, you have got an almost bezel-less screen with Harmon/Kardon soundbar at the bottom. The bar is a prominent design element of C6 and adds to its aesthetics. I don’t know if it’s just me or it really looks like a sleek projector screen.

tcl c6 ports

The quality of metallic chassis and the overall build quality is sturdy, and an amazing act of craftsmanship. The design of C6 is flawless and hits all the right notes.

Display and Viewing Experience

TCL C6 adorns massive 3840*2160 resolution with support for 4K content. Having a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and, HDR 10 panel with an amazing colors reproduction, this device provides quite an immersive experience. The wide color gamut makes sure that it gives a natural display quite close to what you see with the naked eye.

display c6

Moreover, it has got a micro-dimming feature that adjusts the bright and dark spots separately. The display controls the High Dynamic Range efficiently and showcases richness and precision in picture quality. A fun fact; TCL C6 displays more than 94 percent of the DCI-P3 Color Index that is roughly 1.07 Billion Colours. Now, that’s spectacular.

Speaking of the viewing experience on C6, it’s one of the best. It can easily compete and even surpass some of the units from Samsung, Sony, and LG. For gamers, if you want to sit right next to this massive 55-inch UHD TV to play games, you are welcome. I connected the play station to C6 and the experience was just stunning, I highly recommend this unit for those who want to buy a TV for gaming purposes.

Surround Sound

The soundbar at the bottom of the C6 is from Harmon/Kardon and folks it is amazing. Harmon/Kardon is one of the best audio brands famous for delivering quality bass and sound output from a stereo system and this thing is visible on C6.

tcl c6 sound bar

Software and Performance

TCL C6 features Android N Certified by Google Android TV. You can download all TV-related apps from the Play store while Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify come already installed with the unit. The sign-in process is swift and never showed any lags and no problem was encountered related to internet connectivity. TCL did a nice job optimizing the software to utilize the full potential of the processor.

C6 adorns CA53*4 64bit 1.1GHz coupled with the GPU Mali T860 MP2 480MHz that plays its part in enhancing the gaming experience. We played some racing games on the TV by attaching gaming controllers and it was flawless. The other teams at More News must have envied us while we were busy playing games on C6.

You are provided with 16 GB of internal storage and 2.5 GB of DDR3 RAM that is sufficient keeping in mind its a TV, not a smartphone.

User Interface

Unlike some other LEDs’ especially the Chinese ones, it’s not rocket science to understand the menu and settings of C6. The layout is user-friendly but with some bloatware, that is now a thing with Chinese brands. Some apps are there which will never be used at least by Pakistani consumers.

Switching between cable channels and content from the internet or USB is quite easy and showed no lags at all. However, I must say that the company needs to work on enhancing Google assistant integration and remote controls usability.

If you want to type something, it’s a cumbersome process due to no scroll pad on the remote control. Although the mic in the remote is very accurate and google assistant judges the phrase quite exactly, TCL should work on enhancing the controls of a TV with speech.

Price and Availability

TCL Pakistan launched C6 with a price of Rs. 119,900 for its 55-inch variant. For a while, the device was also available for a discounted price. As of now, TCL has listed 55-inch C6 UHD TV at Rs. 124,900, however, their official website displays an “out of stock” message.

Other than the official sources, you can find this telly at different online websites and retail stores. Always make sure that you are buying an original product with a proper warranty by double-checking everything.


It was the year 1924 when the first fully electronic television came into the market for sale. From that moment until now, the main feature of utmost significance is the display, design, and sound quality of the telly. TCL C6 is no disappointment here, it’s right on the money and checks every important aspect.

You will not find such a package in this price range from any other company. It’s safe to assume that TCL C6 is the most affordable option right now.

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