Changhong Ruba 180C DC Inverter AC

Changhong Ruba 18OC DC Inverter AC

Biggest Indoor and Outdoor unit AC with Highest Energy and Cooling Efficiency and Auto Clean Function

When dozens of brands are bombarding you with their techy slogans and features you know nothing about, it becomes one of the hardest tasks to choose a reliable and genuine home appliance in Pakistan.

The summer continuous, and here we have come across Changhong Ruba’s latest DC inverter AC from its premier category. The 18OC is one of the best models in 2020

Changhong Ruba DC Inverter 18OC has come with Elegant Chocolate Color, Auto Clean, Golden fin evaporator and condenser, Turbo Cooling, and Long Air Throw Up to 50 Feet.

Another aspect that makes this air conditioner a serious competitor is the size of its indoor air blade. Usually, we experience a 950 millimeters wider front blade on a 1.5 ton AC, 18OC; however, it gives a 1025 millimeters width, which means more air the indoor unit throws out to serve a large room.

An important thing we noted is that 18OC is offering an auto cleaning function that gets rid of any dirt particles or droplets stuck on the evaporator.

Auto Clean

Here is a demonstration of how an auto-clean function works to provide clean and healthy air.


Inverter AC Frosting


Inverter AC Melting


Inverter AC Fast heating

Special key benefit features like gold fin evaporators in both indoor and outdoor units.

Why gold fin, anything serious?

Golden Aluminium Foil fin

While you choose the AC, you must know that silver pipes and evaporators are short-lived. A gold fin will last longer and won’t rust easily. Changhong Ruba 18OC comes with copper internals. The U-Tubes, the fins, and even the 10 feet pipe included in the box are all copper, which extends the life of this AC.

Do you remember the BTU?

Outdoor front

Biggest Outdoor

1.5 tons of AC is an 18000 BTU machine that means it must have 16 U-Tubes inside the indoor unit and 26 U-Tubes in its outdoor unit. If somehow, the number is less, indeed, it is not an 18000 BTU. 18OC comes installed, keeping in view the above numbers. Moreover, the diameter of the tube and the gauge is of importance as well. This 1.5 tons model provides a 7mm wider copper tube that offers adequate room for the gas to run through.

Outdoor Backside

Golden fin Condenser

Golden fin Condenser
Outdoor Condenser

Changhong Ruba is providing three years compressor warranty and one-year parts warranty, including the 100% pure copper connecting pipe.

Changhong Ruba DC Inverter AC cooper tube

High Energy saving up to 75%

Changhong Ruba DC Inverter AC compresssor

There is a World famous brand compressor that comes installed in this inverter AC that can work electricity voltage as low as 160V. Changhong Ruba tells that this model can comfortably function even if the outside temperature is 53 degrees.

Changhong Ruba tells that all its major components; the compressor, inverter kit, indoor motor, and outdoor DC inverter that make 18OC a complete DC inverter air conditioner.

Changhong Ruba suggests we pick the right product but also install the AC through a trained and authorized AC installer. The 18OC can work in any room of size as big as 18㎡, provided the installer has followed the standard procedure. A few of the noticeable SOPs are;

  • An AC unit must not be installed just above the door that keeps opening
  • The indoor unit has to be fixed as high as 8 feet from the floor.
  • The pipe between the indoor and outdoor unit should not have a joint. Ideally, the 10 feet pipe must be used.
  • The outdoor unit should ideally be placed on the rooftop where it has enough area to throw out the hot air.
  • The direction of the outdoor unit should be kept in a way that sunlight shouldn’t directly fall into the broader panel.
  • For conserving energy, the filters of the indoor unit need to be washed every week or fortnightly. A general service every year before summer will keep the unit dust-free, putting less pressure on the compressor, hence saving electricity.

So if you think that your existing AC experience isn’t pleasing enough, Changhong Ruba 18OC might be a better option to try and be at peace for years to come.

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